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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 27, 2020

Alex Bravo and Kellan Ness


This Sacramento power couple, Alex Bravo and Kellan Ness, are taking over the social media game in a hurry this year.

AlexandKellz quickly came to Tik Tok stardom with over 1 million likes and over 200 thousand followers. From their trendy jokes and hilarious pranks, it’s easy to see why fans love to see their content. 

YouTube has also become a way for the couple to bring new ideas and videos that people aren’t used to seeing, like one of their top videos “Spin the Mystery Wheel-” a video composed of disgusting consequences for viewers to watch and laugh about by doing things like eating dog food, eating a spoonful of mayonnaise, or even picking up dog poop with bare hands. They are an ambitious couple who are ready to go above and beyond for the jaw dropping reactions and the stomach hurting laughs. We can see this when Alex prank calls her parents to tell them she’s pregnant as a joke or they pretend to quit fake jobs over the phone.

Another video filled with an emotional rollercoaster is the “Fake Breakup-” a video about Alex breaking up with Kellan just before taking trips to Vegas and Hawaii. This is suspicious to Kellan simply because of the out of the blue actions right before big trips for Alex. 

A personal favorite video of mine would be their “Recognizing People From Weird Dating Sites” which shows Alen and Kellan meeting random people around Sacramento and lying about meeting them on apps such as Tinder, Grindr, and other various dating sites. What makes the video amusing is the fact that these are real people's reactions to Alex and Kellan in public, complete with people hearing their conversations which makes for even more awkward encounters. 

What mistakes should new YouTubers avoid when starting?

“Not being yourself and trying to be a perfectionist is a big no-no. Just be yourself and pretend the camera is a friend you are talking to.”

This is what separates this couple from other YouTubers and social media influencers. Being themselves is the best content to give their audience instead of doing what makes other people famous. People love Alex and Kellan’s content because it comes from their funny and adventurous personalities.

Do you try having diversity in your content?

“We do like to have diversity in our content. Whether it’s pranking each other, skits, or pranking the public, we try to have different content for our viewers.”

It’s always important to keep your audience surprised with new videos and ideas. This creates an opportunity to bring in new fans and a bigger following which means becoming bigger influences to their community.

What is the long term goal for you guys?

“We want to build a brand and be able to make a living with what we love to do, which is make people laugh and spread positivity.”

What is the thought process when trying to make new videos?

“We think of what’s trending, and eye grabbing for viewers and put our twist to it. Sometimes we smoke a little weed to get our brain juices flowing lol.”

How hard is it to come up with “out of the box” ideas?

“It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. We’re constantly going back and forth with ideas with each other that will be interesting content.”

Becoming different is hard enough when trying to create a big platform on social media, but they do a great job of being themselves and bringing ideas to the table that people wouldn’t normally dare to do or even think of.

In what ways has your daily life changed since starting youtube? 

“We are honestly just getting started. But we do get excited to film. Especially working with each other makes it fun.”

Alex Bravo and Kellen Ness have become a powerhouse of laughter and it is an exciting time to be with them early on in their journey to stardom of social media. Within their short time of creating content, it has become an amazing chance to imagine the level they’ll be at in the long run. Even if you get the rare chance to see them at the mall or at DOCO in downtown Sac, just know you’re a part of a very successful journey.


Alex Bravo- @alexo0

Kellan Ness-@kellanness

Prank Page- @alexandkellz