• Paige LaRue

an excerpt of this escape

How are we able to feel so extraordinary

Yet so simple,

At the same time?

To exist within this life,

To feel a sense of direction,

Yet we can't seem to pinpoint it

When I look at this reflection.

--is where we are all headed.

Like waves drawn to the shore.

We dream farther

Love stronger

Hit harder

Feel bigger

And fall faster,

Because in our brain,

It is embedded;

Our thoughts threaded-

-intertwined with desire.

The need for more.

As our fists filled with hate,

Because we fill with fear,

There is no reflection.

The water is not clear,

A magnetic pull through the atmosphere

Is known to control our tides.

Puppet master’s pure intent

Set on the rhythmic flow

Of those currents,


The scene balanced,

The scene; serene.

Nothing to fear

Simplicity exists where there is nothing to hide,

Where does forward movement begin

If our mind is set on rewind...

A gaze set beyond the shore

Or half moon bay,

To be swept up

With a visit from the water,


Eyes set on the moon,

Lay lady lay,

Where she always abides.

Up in a lit sky,

To sing to her, to dream with her.

And maybe she will carry some of me home to you

on one of her rides.