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Aztec X

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: May 29, 2020

Xavier Carter 

Aztec X

Xavier Carter is the household name from West Sacramento when it comes to young baseball talent. X has been a “dude” since his early years and has built a community around him to follow him to SDSU as he becomes the next big name that the Aztecs produce.

Carter was the main man in Capital Christian’s streak of Section championships with being an above .400 hitter on the varsity team all four years. Being at the top of his game for the cougars helped him become a part of the 2018 Area Code games.

Xavier was known as a top first baseman in the State of California which put him into the top 5 rankings in his position by Perfect Game on the national scale. These rankings are what also landed him at the 28 spot on the overall rankings in his state.

The high school campaign by X was a story of all-conference honors, first-team all-state, and a handful of section rings. 

Who were the biggest impacts on your baseball career? Why?

“The biggest impact on my baseball career are definitely my family because I want to do everything to make them happy. Jerry and Anthony Manuel, as well as JJ Sherril, have been huge in my career and paved the way for me.”

JMF is known for its impact on the youth baseball community in the Sacramento area especially being coached by names like Jerry and Anthony Manuel and JJ Sherril. Names that have sent players to high levels of competition and a reputation of impacting players off the field as well.

What does it mean to you and your team to have your season be pushed to next year?

“To have my season pushed back really hurt us because we were going to do big things this year and make a run for Omaha. Another thing is that this will make our team even stronger.”

It’s a real shame we don’t get to see the defense of Xavier on the field or the smooth swing coming out of the box from a SacTown baller who was poised to make his mark.

What makes SDSU baseball different from other programs? How?

“What makes us different from other programs is how much we work and how much effort we give into the game. We put in countless hours on and off the field. We push each other each and every day.”

Is there a long-term goal for baseball? What is it?

“Our long-term goal is definitely to make it to Omaha and win it. That is the ultimate journey. Another goal is to become great young men and our coaches are great at that.”

What advice would you give to players on getting recruited? 

“Advice I’d give people going through the recruiting process is to work hard no matter what and never settle. Be able to get up every day and push yourself to be great and good things will come out of that.”

What mistakes do players make in the recruitment process?

“Mistakes players make through the recruiting process is getting attached to all of the glamorous big schools that have great facilities and all of the bling they show off rather than getting to know the team atmosphere. Also don’t just commit to your dream school because that is sometimes not the right fit for you even though that is your dream school.”

Xavier will be grinding his way to make an impact in the SDSU lineup for next season. As a role model from the Sacramento area, he will become a player that we watch for even more years to come.