• Lalo Mata

Big Arm, Big Future

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


Published: March 7, 2020

Anthony “Tonko” Susac

A future with MLB in the picture is not out of the ordinary for  high schooler junior, Anthony Susac. As one of the best high school pitchers in Sacramento and arguably the state of California, it’s not so uncommon to hear the name “Tonko” mentioned as one of the next big talents Sacramento has to offer in professional sports.

The University of Arizona bound pitcher has become known as a threat on the national scale as he was selected to the MLB PDP (Prospect Development Pipeline), which consists of the top 80 high school juniors in the country.

“I can’t imagine being in high school and facing a guy 6’3 that’s bringing it 93 mph and up!”  Harold Reynolds stated during Anthony’s invite to the MLB PDP.

With a 2.28 ERA and 5-3 record during his sophomore year campaign, Anthony followed the season by backing up his hype in the New Balance Area Code Games. Area Codes became a way for all 30 MLB teams to become familiar with the top 150 underclass baseball players in the country split into 6 regions.

Tonko looks to finish his junior season with a section ring to add to his list of accomplishments. As Tonko toes the slab, it’s hard to miss his older cousin, Daniel Susac; these boys are as good as they come.

Daniel, currently playing in his senior year of high school, has just as an impressive list as younger cousin Tonko. University of Arizona gets quite the combo in the Susac boys for years to come as Daniel is also committed to the University of Arizona. While being an Under Armour All-American and Perfect Game All American, it becomes quite often that the baseball community hears the name “Susac” when it speaks of young talent.

What is it like being in a talented family when it comes to baseball? Is there a certain standard?

“I absolutely love being part of a talented family like the Susac family. I’m inspired by my older cousins (Daniel and Andrew Susac), and they push me to be better. I wouldn’t say our family has a standard for baseball, but we have a standard for success in life. Whether it’s in baseball or work, outside of baseball we all have expectations that we will work hard and be successful.”

Many local San Francisco Giants fans might hear the name Andrew Susac and remember the days of the World Series runs while he was catching behind all star Buster Posey.

When did you first realize you had a big future in baseball?

“8th grade was when it hit me that I could maybe go far in baseball. My older cousin Daniel just got an offer from Oregon State and I had just picked up 10 mph from the previous year and was punching guys out left and right while sitting 82-85mph and getting up to 86. From there on out I knew I could keep putting on velo and developing my pitches.”

Tonko, being a big name player for his age in 8th grade, was part of “The League,” which is held by NCTB. This league consists of the top 8th graders in NorCal playing against each other for a fun and top level competition feeling before going into high school.

What is your ultimate goal in your career?

“My ultimate goal for baseball is obviously to make it to the MLB but also stick there. I’d love to stay there long enough and make enough money so I’d never have to work again after I retire.”

What separates Jesuit’s baseball program from the rest?

“Jesuit baseball separates itself from all other programs because of our tradition of excellence. Maybe our facility stands out the most, but what truly separates us is our winning tradition and our great support from the school. We are led by the most legendary coach in the Sacramento area who does a better job of preparing us for life after high school than anyone else out there.”

Jesuit has continued a great tradition of excellence over the years and provides us with firepower names in their 2020 roster with Anthony and Daniel Susac, USC commits Charlie Hurley and Andy Owen, UCSB commit Luke Williams and Cal Poly bound Chris Baytosh.

What tip would you give other baseball players?

“My 1 tip to baseball players is to find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Don’t be too

worried about it and always change it. Just trust yourself and your abilities and stick to it. If you were to plant a seed in the ground, you wouldn’t keep taking it out and putting it back in would you? No, you’d be patient and let it grow. It’s the same thing for your routine and your training. If you work hard and stay dedicated, great things will happen.”

As Anthony states, the process of becoming your best self speaks to a deeper meaning of life other than baseball. This also might come from the environment of working hard to be successful in life which is modeled in the Susac family.

What person in your life helped you make the biggest improvements in your career?

“My father has been the one to help me the most. He’s the one who got me to love baseball and drives me to work harder and harder everyday. If it weren’t for him, I probably won’t be playing baseball right now.”

Anthony’s father, John Susac, is one of the great baseball minds Sacramento has to offer and is as equally competitive when it comes to the field.

As the beginning of the season approaches it becomes go time for Tonko and his Jesuit Marauders as they shoot for D1 section glory at the end of the season. A big arm with big talent, Tonko gets ready for his big future.