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Big "Dyl" in Spring Training

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Published: March 14, 2020

Dylan Carlson

Coming off of a sizzling end to the 2019 season in Memphis, the St. Louis Cardinals aim for a new face in the franchise in young stud Dylan Carlson.

Carlson has made his impact in Elk Grove and Sacramento’s history with the impressive career he had before stepping foot into the world of professional baseball. As far as spring training goes, Dylan has put on a clinic for the St. Louis Cardinals roaming the outfield. Coming into the season, you can see this young phenom breaking into the top 10 list of MLB prospects coming into the 2020 season.

Going into last week, Dylan was posting a strong stat line of .400/.520/.650 and an insane OPS of 1.170. Numbers of an all star posted by a young 21 year old are bound to turn some heads and for Dylan, this could earn him a starting role coming this 2020 MLB season.

Dylan comes from a family of great success. His younger brother, Tanner Carlson, is a sophomore infielder at Long Beach State where he made a statement freshman year being a dominant force in their starting lineup. Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Dirtbags were forced to put their Omaha dreams on pause, even though they checked in at #12 in last week’s school rankings.

Jeff Carlson, Dylan’s father, is the former head coach of Elk Grove High which became a dynasty for success. Jeff coached his way to winning the Sac-Joaquin section 8 out of his 17 years as a head coach. 5 section game appearances in the last decade and winning 4 of them has earned him a spot in the Sacramento baseball Hall of Fame.

When did you first realize MLB was a reality for you? How did it feel?

“During my senior year of high school, I noticed all the professional baseball scouts from different teams that were coming to the games. Then as the

process continued, I realized I had a good chance to get drafted.”

Dylan was later drafted in the first round of the draft as a 17 year old along with Delta League opponent, Matt Manning, a pitcher from Sheldon High.

Dylan was part of a section winning team 3 times in his 4 year varsity career under his father, Jeff Carlson.

What’s the hardest part about the process of becoming a major league player?

“Patience, understanding that there is a lot to learn and there is always more room to get better. Realizing that it’s a marathon not a sprint.”

Being as young as Dylan is makes it hard to grasp how long he’s been in professional baseball. Most 21 year olds are just getting into the feel of things while Dylan could be a part of the future of the league. Fans have become familiar with names such as Juan Soto and Ronald Acuna Jr., but Dylan could possibly be another young name to put up big numbers for years to come.

Do you look to possibly become the National League Rookie of the Year?

“For me, I try to keep things as simple as possible and focus on things day-to-day. My goal each and everyday is to become a better person and player than I was the day before. "

What would becoming the new face of the franchise mean to you?

“For me, I just want to have fun playing the game I love. Wherever that leads me is cool. I really try to control the things I can control and keep it simple.”

With veterans making a statement in last year’s postseason run, Dylan could end up being the push in the lineup that the Cardinals need to complete this year’s run for the World Series.

How do you balance baseball with everyday life the more fans get to know you?

”I keep my focus on the field and try not to get caught up in all the things going on around me.”

As Dylan becomes more of a mainstream player in the Cardinals organization, it could be a struggle to balance everything thrown at him.

Most people praise Dylan for how professional he takes his work on and off the field. As a rising star in the organization and in the league, it’s exciting to witness how professional and prepared Dylan is for his future in baseball.

What is your long-term goal with the Cardinals and your career?

“It’s all about being the best I can be and helping the team anyway possible. Hopefully that leads to a World Series.”

Names like Kolten Wong, Yadier Molina, and Dexter Fowler are just a few of the veterans that need a bat like Dylan’s in the lineup and his defense in the outfield.

Young players with 5 tools don’t come around often, so this season should be entertaining to watch Dylan showcase all 5 tools on the field.

What impact do you have on the Elk Grove community?

”I’m someone who represents the community and is proud to be part of the community and wants to be someone that gives back in a lot of ways.”

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Dylan’s spring training campaign has been forced to be put on hold until further notice.

As the regular season aproaches, we could possibly see Dylan become a new young all star for the future of this league. As he continues his improvement each year and gets ready for the bigs, the Elk Grove community gets ready for his debut.

Dylan’s rare combination of tools at a young age looks to improve the culture in St. Louis for the long run.

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