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Comedy King Woods

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 29, 2020

Lance Woods

Comedy King Woods

Lance Woods has become a familiar face seen on social media as well as a huge part of the Sac Kings fanbase.

The local comedian has become a social media influencer through stomach hurting jokes, jaw dropping roasts of viral videos, and the endless scrolls of crying laughter through his feed.

Woods is a late bloomer in the comedy scene with a lifetime left to make a bigger impact in people’s lives, performing at places in Sacramento such as Laughs Unlimited and Punch Line.

Lance has also become a fan face for the Sacramento Kings and a person who is able to shed more light on a young and talented team. Lance is becoming more of what the word comedian means as a career and staying true to the purpose of what an influencer means in giving back to his community. Woods puts the city on his back and runs with the ambition of  “If one of us makes it, we all make it”. 

Lance is a true inspiration to be a better person for your city and showing us that hard work and dedication goes a long way. 

What triggered your comedic career?

“I started comedy in my church. So I would say the support and encouragement from my family and church family triggered me to pursue it as a serious career.”

When did you notice you had a future career in comedy?

“Once I started traveling and making as much money as I was working a ‘regular job’ I saw that I could make a serious career from it. The first time I went to Japan and performed for the troops is probably when It actually hit me that I was really doing it for real.”

Do you differentiate your social media jokes from stand-up jokes? Why?

“Yeah I make some changes mostly because there is no live audience online so you can edit or add videos and images to help get your point across, and I’m a lot more free and reckless at a live show than I am online. I’ll say ANYTHING on stage, but online I’m a lot more cautious of my choice of words mostly because I’ve spent hours and hours thinking these things out, so when I say it on stage it’s a thought-out point of view, that’s not always the case online.”

Woods likes to play it smart and also keep a little diversity in his content. It’s smart to always keep his audience laughing at home on social media and to keep them crying of laughter in their seats at comedy clubs.

Do you base jokes off of your head or past experiences? Why?

“I find inspiration from everything so a lot of the stories I tell on stage are real things that happened to me or someone close to me at times the names are changed to protect the innocent, but I’m also always in the moment so if something pops in my head, I’ll just say and get back to the written material later.”

What is the hardest part about a career in comedy?

“The hardest part for me would probably be just being patient. This is a long game, so even though you might want it to happen overnight, it’s just not likely. You have to be prepared to dedicate a lifetime to it.”

Woods is a great inspiration for the city and big role model for people looking to have careers in comedy.

What advice would you give to people wanting to be comedic influencers?

“DON'T DO IT! Lol.. No, I would tell anybody doing anything to make sure you love the full thing and not just the fun parts because it’s going to be a lot of hard uncertain times, but you have to love all of the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking.”

Woods has made an impact using his social media platform to appear on local Sacramento news stations, bringing laughter to people, and being a person who brings more love to the Kings. Lookout for his comedy club appearances and bigger stage performances later in his career.