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Crush Davis

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 22, 2020

Chase Davis

Crush Davis 

Chase Davis has been the 5 tool type of prospect since he was a little kid. From playing in front of hundreds of parents in Cal Ripken in Laguna to the hundreds of scouts in high school, Davis has always had an incredible impact on the field.

The freak athlete in Chase has always been at the top of its game from back then until now. In the future it will shine even brighter. A talent like Davis doesn’t come around that often in sports because of all the tools you get so early on in his career. Chase swings it with the best of them, throws lasers from the field, and will even leave you in the dust trying to catch him running on the base paths. 

Arizona got a handful of talent from the Delta league with Chase, Daniel Susac, Anthony Susac, and even Oakmont’s TJ Nichols. All of these guys are top players who have the talent to go above and beyond in their baseball careers and go out to prove that 916 talent is one of the best in California when it comes to baseball.

In addition to all of the skills Chase presents, he is also very projectible in the future, whether this road leads him to the University of Arizona or making it on a big league team. He has the talent and skills to be the best on the field but will projectibly be a once in a generation talent. 

The last name “Davis” will be on jerseys around the nation but will have a new home and meaning to kids chanting in Chase’s name.

When was the first moment you realized you had a future in baseball?

“The first moment I realized I had a future in baseball was when I was all stars. I was hitting lots of homeruns and doing well overall as a player. The vision became more and more clear year after year. “

Chase was one of the great names to come out of Laguna Youth baseball with players like Nick Madrigal, who will also be on his road to the big leagues.

What does it feel like knowing you are a high draft prospect out of high school?

“To know I’m a high draft prospect out of high school is a blessing in itself. It doesn’t mean relax and settle. I’m working harder and harder every day. I’m getting even better than what others see me as. I want to make my family proud. And keep my same close friends and never switch up. “

Chase is as outstanding of a person as he is a baseball player. Chase comes with respect, confidence, and also being humble. 

What kind of impact do you want to have in this sport?

“I want to inspire kids all across the world that may not have the opportunity to play at the next level so I want them to see me doing it so they know it’s possible and they can achieve anything. Just to build their work ethic and that’ll catapult them to success.”

Chase set himself a great goal; this is a kid who will undoubtedly inspire thousands of kids in the future.

Who’s the person that helped you improve the most?

“The person that helped me improve the most is my hitting coach Andrew López. I’ve worked with him since 7th grade. Countless hours and days hitting with him. So much correction/reps. Insight on things. Life. He’s more than a hitting coach to me. He’s like my brother. I can talk to him about anything and we learn from each other more and more day after day.”

What is your long term career goal?

“My long term career goal is to be a hall of famer. All star games, home run derbys, big contracts, and to be the best husband/father I can be. Also to become sewn strongly with Jesus.”

Chase is filled with ambitions as well as goals of big time players and hall of fame people.

If you could give advice to other high school players what would it be?

“If I could give advice to other high school players, I’d tell them to enjoy HS while it lasts, and to take their sport very seriously, as if it’s your job. Because in reality, a professional sport isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t mean they can’t get a full ride scholarship to a really good school. That’s step 1 in a successful career. Get school paid for and then pro ball. I don’t care what sport. School isn’t for everyone. That’s what I like to tell people. So if you don’t like school that much, you should be doing whatever it takes to escape. Professional ball. Again, doesn’t matter what sport. Lastly, when people ask me what motivates me, my answer is very simple: the fact I’m not where I want to be yet. “

Chase will go down as one of the biggest threats to ever step inside the batter’s box and one of the biggest names to run on that field in our area. Davis is a name to be on the back of jerseys and the batting stance that kids will imitate. The future is as bright as he makes it and everyone knows that star will glisten for years after.