• Paige LaRue

dancing with a ghost

Dew dripping from the white

Cracked speckled and torn up sill,

Along the lines stories spill

That coincide with the chirping of two jays.

Perched on a branch.

In sync with one another’s tune.

To be damned from the start when they sat alongside one another without any room.

I remember liking the way your wings spread,

The way you leapt,

In with eyes shining

Skipping a heart beat

To soar;

curiosity became the need to know more,

Because we were in tune but not with ourselves.

Eyes beginning to swell from the moon soon within,

That we feel we are too weak to explore.

Two jays flying away

From the center point of fear or failure or foolishness?

The freedom that comes with choice,

To spread wings and rejoice,

They thanked each others’ kindness and felt bold in that new moment to start-


To wake up, on a new day,

And fly to a new branch.

To sit in the morning sun,

We can always dream,

But it’s always so ironic what is to come.

Like an epiphany when the beams rain down,

Suddenly peace replaces the fault lines on my face

-To laugh at myself and realize I’m out of place,


The heart and mind have limited space,

I’ll hold me in there,

With you dancing around.

But when i see you, i don’t want me to be on the ground. Kicked to the curb, not by you by me.

I think you know we both do it,

Maybe it’s subconscious or maybe it’s something we can see,


I want to grow forever,

Like a goddamn eternal tree,

As long as you stay beautiful,

Near my roots you’ll be.

I can’t be afraid to touch the sky and the earth at the same time anymore.