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Dev's Talent Show

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: March 30, 2020

Dev Anglin 

Dev’s Talent Show

A man with many talents in the field of art- Dev Anglin is one of the co-founders of Heirs of Threads and the founder of “This is Sac” Nine Sixteen Luxuries.

Sacramento is home to many creators like Dev, but they don’t post the resume he has. “This is Sac” is one of the many hot clothing lines that are worn on the streets of Sactown. “This is Sac” is a subtle line that can mean anything when wearing bomber jackets with the quote on your back saying “This is Sac.”  It’s a way to make a personal impact and to deliver a different message for each person who wears it. 

The diversity added to the piece of clothing is special because it means exactly what the people want it to mean. Hard working athletes, style influencers, and even some of Sacramento’s famous faces wear this brand to prove that our City is many things.  

Dev also has amazing talent behind the camera, and that is a style like no other that assists his clothing line to perfection. A dark, calm, and smooth vibe mixed with aesthetically pleasing edits makes a masterpiece of Sacramento and its people.

It’s easy to notice similarities in his clothing and his photography. His work with cameras screams bold and different which is how people from our city of Sacramento like to describe themselves too. Bold and different is what sets creators like Dev from the rest of the pack. Having a fearless approach to be unique in everything you do while being ambitious is something people can gain from his work.  

What inspired you to get into clothing?

“I’d say it was the urge to stay feeling fresh in quality & rare but subtle gear. My style is fresh but subtle, no large overwhelming logos or artwork on most things that I like. I really didn’t see too many things out in the world when I would go shopping for “street wear” that fit that preference. Considering that..fortunately, we’re living in an era where creating anything is possible & clothing is one thing that I was interested in, so I decided to dive in and produce gear that I believe is fresh, quality pieces.”

You can find Dev’s work all around the streets of the 916 and it’ll be exciting to see the additions of pieces to come.

What does your brand mean to you? What does it mean to the city?

“Man, Lalo.. it means a great deal of value & equity to me! It brings clarity to a strong portion of my journey in life & lessons I “earned” living in Sacramento. It’s the necessary luxuries that I believe the unique Sacramentians deserve.”

“For the city.. Ya know Sac is gonna let you know how they feel about anything. So they’ll let us know more as we go forward. I’d say based on the comments, items purchased, feedback from 2 of our most popular boutiques along with the voice from the streets... So to our city, I’d believe it means a great deal of real love, unity & a strong positive boost to our culture.”

Doing what you love often brings people to love what you do. Sacramento bleeds hardwork and dedication in whatever you do as long as it means the world to you. Dev provides all the skills and motivation to give the city what it loves.

What is the hardest part of starting your own brand?

“Not jumping the gun on plans or goals. If you’re highly ambitious, you probably got a ton of things you want to accomplish. I think it's important to strategically make them happen, so you don’t start in a direction you didn’t intend to go in.”

What is the long term goal for your brand?

“Strengthen our culture. Raise the level of respect when anyone mentions Sacramento. Continue to provide our unique people with luxuries...the rarest memorabilia from clothing to home decor & then some.”

Sacramento’s culture embraces its creators.There are big plans for the clothing company to branch out and embrace more of its creativity. 

What inspired you to get into photography?

“Man, a lot of things. Early on the big factors were magazines. From “Sports Illustrated”, “Slam” to cars ”Hotrod”, “Dub” & music, “The Source”. Most of all, it was to highlight my prime 20’s...my life. I felt that I was going to die young. So I didn’t want to miss anything & I wanted family & friends to have memories of our time together. So film photography was a must.”

Do you use both talents in photography and in clothing to promote each other? How?

“Definitely. In fact, my passion & experience in photography heavily influenced my mind to open up to clothing & fashion. I was able to build 3 companies from this. One being a joint business called “Heirs of Threads,” a fashion based online marketplace. Second “Nine Sixteen (This is Sac) Luxuries” & the third making myself a freelance photographer and digital designer.” 

“How I marry & promote the two is essential and very simple. In today’s digital age of sharing information, you really need to share a visual story for people to feel where you are coming from, without physically being next to you. With photography, I am to tell a vivid story, even a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is believed in-one you can see and feel when viewing images from a production shoot that I’ll do for a marketing campaign for the clothing. In essence, both the images & clothing are being seen and shared to the world. They go hand in hand.” 

From a young age the stage grew bigger and bigger the more he dove into his bag of talents. Exciting and new opportunities are in store for not just Dev, but his personal brand as well. The message of being young and ambitious grows more meaning in “This is Sac” apparel. There is a bright light in the future of this homegrown brand that still plans for more.