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Heaven in Sac

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

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Published: May 1, 2020

Heaven Yasmeen

Heaven in Sac

Heaven Yasmeen has become one of the biggest social media influencers from Sacramento when it comes to fitness and brand modeling.

Heaven is one of the many talented faces to represent big brands like Arbonne, a company that promotes products for skincare, bath & body, nutrition, and even make up. Heaven also models for tlfapparel, an athletic clothing brand on the come up for both men and women apparel and doing this all while being the owner of Eye Candy Lash Studio in Rocklin, CA.

Heaven gives her audience a feeling of personal connection through each message with the feeling of thinking she’s talking directly to you. Heaven focuses on embracing the “you” and shaking the weight off your shoulders that weigh you down. Heaven has become the light that shines brightly within each and every person she impacts. 

What made you gain such a large following on social media? How?

“My goal my entire life has always been to share my personal struggles and gifts to help others in any way I can. I am an advocate for how self love, fitness, and a healthy mindset go hand and hand and how we can all live a happier healthier life.”

Heaven is an unbelievable role model for people who struggle in self love, fitness, and mindsets and a person that anyone can reach out to for extra guidance.

Is there a certain physical image to maintain 24/7?

“I feel like there is but at the same time I do not live to please other people. I just try to maintain a healthy image all around mind, body & spirit.”

When did being a model for fitness become a goal for you? Why?

“I would not go as far as saying I’m a fitness model, but fitness for me is more of a way to help me deal with my day to day life. I try to be an advocate for uplifting others and fitness has done so much for me and it just keeps opening doors for me to do so.”

Do you plan on making your own fitness apparel?  

“That has always been an interest of mine and still may have something coming some day.”

What mistakes do people make starting out as models? 

“I feel like just naturally we are people pleasers and caring too much about how others portray you can fog our judgment of ourselves.  So I would say losing sight of who we are and why we started to begin with.”

This gives us a powerful message to soak in and realize that people really care about you because you’re trying to be the best “you” that you can be.

What opportunities does modeling give you?

“Modeling gives me full range to meet so many people and help them on so many levels and that’s what I live for from mentally, physically and even emotionally to be able to be a small or big part of helping anyone is what keeps me going in this.”

Where do you want to be in the future of your career?

“I would love to just be able to be a huge influence in other people’s lives on showing them they can do or be whoever and whatever they want.  In whatever way I can.”

Heaven will continue to be the great influencer she is for every person out there who struggles with their day-to-day lives and needs a little motivation. She has been the spark in people’s lives and the silent coach that impacts the lives of thousands of people everyday.

Instagram: @heavenyazmn