• Gabby De la Rosa

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk!

Hey guys! For this weeks post, I wanted to talk about how to get yourself out of a funk.

I know we all go through times where we struggle to get out of bed in the morning and the last thing we want to do is be productive. Especially while being stuck at home these past few months, it’s easy to become unmotivated and get used to doing nothing all day. Before you know it, your day is over and you feel just as bad as you did when you woke up. It’s not about how you start the day, but how you turn it around that counts. It is important to remember that some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but you have the power to change that.

When I find myself in a bad mood like this, I do a couple of things in attempt to making myself feel better. This is not guaranteed to work for everyone, but it works for me and hopefully for you too. It’s definitely worth a try!

Step #1: Acknowledge Your Feelings

Accept that you are in a bad mood and ask yourself these two questions: “Why am I feeling this way?” and “What do I need right now to feel better?” First things first, why? Why are you in a bad mood, if it’s just a little fix and there’s something you could do right away to feel better, then go for it. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s not as easy as that. Most of the time, we are in a funk because of a variety of reasons and there’s no short fix we can make to instantly feel better. Snapping out of your bad mood is a lot harder than it sounds. Being in a bad mood is frustrating, especially when you know you’re in one but can’t seem to find your way out. It’s important to allow yourself to feel this way. Being in a bad mood or having a bad moment is normal, just try not to let it ruin your whole day.

P.S. Maybe you need an extra hour or two before getting up and getting your day started, it’s okay to get a later start on the day. Listen to your body and accept the way you’re feeling!

Step #2: Get Ready For The Day

First things first, shower! Getting your head completely wet and emerged in water is my little secret. It makes the biggest difference, and you come out re-energized, refreshed, and ready to start the day, and you’re clean (that’s a bonus!). Showering will wake you up and hopefully begin to draw that bad mood right out of your system.

The other half of this step is very important; Get out of those PJ’s! . Putting on a cute outfit, and doing my makeup always seems to makes me feel better. Getting ready for the day even when you have nothing to do, will instantly boost up your confidence and mood. If you stay in your pajamas all day, there’s a high chance that you’ll remain in that same bad mood. But, if you put on a new outfit and do your makeup you’ll feel refreshed and hopefully turn your outlook on the day around.

Step #3: Get Up & Get Moving

I often find that for me, all It takes to snap out of my bad mood is to get out of the house. My go-to spot is Starbucks which definitely helps me in more ways than one! But honestly, just getting out of the house in general is beneficial, whether that’s going for a drive or taking a walk with a family member. This always helps uplift my spirit and makes me feel a bit more productive, too!

Working out is also a big part of this step. Working out will get those happy endorphins going and I promise you will leave happier than you started. This is the time to let any side thoughts go and just focus on yourself and your workout. Not to mention, there’s just something that feels amazing about sweating it all out and taking that hour to work on you.

Step #4: Treat Yourself!

Go do something for you. You can go get a pedicure, a massage or you can even treat yourself to your favorite dessert. If you’re in the mood to stay home, turn on your current favorite Netflix series or movie. I’ve been loving Dead To Me and Sweet Magnolias! Maybe you invite over your bestie or even just have an at-home spa night. Doing something like this for yourself is so important and will make you feel ten times better.


I hope that these simple, yet effective, tips can help you snap out of your bad mood and help turn your day around. Understand that it is completely normal and okay to feel this way, but allow yourself to continue working on the best YOU, because that is always what’s most important!