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Hurricane Jackie

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: July 1, 2020

Jackie Koerwitz

Hurricane Jackie

Hurricane’s defender, Jackie Koerwitz is not only looking to bounce back from her second knee surgery but looks to add to a rebuilding team in the “New Miami” mindset.

Jackie comes from a St. Francis program who took her talents across the country to the University of Miami where she would end up redshirting her freshman year due to her second knee surgery. 

Growing up with the goal of becoming a college-level soccer player, Jackie started touring universities as early as 14 years old. One of the hardest parts of the recruitment process is trying to figure out a close to perfect fit for your college destination when you’re not even in high school yet.

Jackie also talks stresses that even though the hardest part of the recruiting process happens early in your career it is also important for younger females to know that anything is possible. 

“The practice, effort, and hard work will pay off,” Jackie adds. 

Understanding the mental battle of wanting to quit the sport or not wanting to finish a workout is a great battle Jackie understands completely but knows it’s always possible with the right mindset and that it’ll be all worth it in the end. 

Another mental battle that surrounds the sport is when the student-athlete aspect comes into play. We all know that in order to be a division 1 athlete you also need to be a division 1 student. Jackie realized that in her first year of college that being a student-athlete is a whole different level and that it takes not only a mental toll but tears you down physically. 

“A way I stayed focused on my goals is by writing them down from time to time," as a way Jackie can stay motivated. 

Another way is to invest in your teammates considering that they are going through similar obstacles with being away from their families, having tough schedules, and through all this, she realized that her team was amazing enough to help her through all these situations.

Going through obstacles as an athlete takes a strong mindset and trusting in your hard work to get through anything. As stated earlier, Jackie had to take a redshirt year as she went through her second knee surgery, but as we dive deeper into the setbacks on Koerwitz’s career we later found out that her injuries have brought in new levels of passion for both her sport and working out. Jackie has also taken it upon herself to help people when it comes to fitness by making videos and using her platform on Instagram to do so. 

Junior year was the beginning of a mental and physical battle with learning how to play soccer all over again as well as walking, running, and squatting. If that sounds hard, then imagine doing that twice! Even though Jackie has had the injuries, she is completely confident in her ability to return back better next season. As we approach a year since her surgery we can expect her to be anxious about returning to full practices and games. 

“Like I said I’ve found a greater appreciation for the opportunity I have to play at Miami and I have every intention of making my next 4 seasons incredible,” Jackie adds. 

On top of the long-awaited return of Jackie Koerwitz, we can look forward to the “New Miami”. This next season will be the rebuild of not only the physical aspect of the game but the mental part of it as well. 

“We will come back stronger and better than last season. I cannot wait for all of us to be back on the field in Miami,” Koerwitz concludes. 

As the new school year approaches we can expect Jackie to make her mark on a “New Miami” team and return better off her surgery. Hurricane Jackie looks to continue inspiring people by using her platform to uplift people with fitness, buying into a new program mindset, and becoming a better player next season.