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Impacting Lives One Cup at a Time

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Published: September 12, 2020

Onit Coffee 

Impacting Lives One Cup at a Time

Shadi Khattab and his Onit team are changing the game one cup at a time while impacting people with more than a cup of coffee.

25-year-old CEO, Shadi Khattab, comes from a humbling beginning as a kid from Syria to Sacramento with a purpose to impact a community during pandemics, wildfires, and everything else that has been thrown our way. 

To go with an amazing journey of the coffee and drink industry, Shadi is also the COO of Precision MD Cosmetic Surgery Center which is located in the same parking lot as the Onit mobile truck. Before these stories, Shadi was a graduate at Sacramento State and was in talks with a potential contract as an alumni of their business program and was hopeful of bringing Sacramento State their own Onit mobile truck.

As I met with Shadi and Onit’s Outreach Coordinator, Anthony Cesarini, you get the feeling of being a part of a family within your small interactions with these people. You get the feeling of being home with a light conversation and a beverage in your hand. The drinks are better, the ideas are newer, and the future is brighter all from one coffee truck.

As a coffee truck that started its journey in Elk Grove nearly 5 months ago, it has taken advantage of its opportunities to make strides in the city that nobody else takes and no other company thinks of. Considering Shadi is an immigrant from Syria this breeds his love for charity work and giving back to those in need. In fact, every two to three months you can see Shadi and his team partnering up with a different non-profit organization to give back to our beautiful city and its people. Meeting with teams such as the Sacramento Food Bank and Sacramento Street Medicine gave Onit a chance to bring smiles to faces and a helping hand in times of need. With the continued work around the community, we can look to support Onit in an upcoming launch to help young students in Sacramento.

Many people have heard of Onit’s mobile truck through social media as they have gone completely viral, but would you believe me if I told you didn’t need to go there to actually get a drink? Yes, that’s right! You can search for Onit on Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates to have your gasping yet refreshing drinks delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Once you take a look at the menu whether it’s on your phone or in-person, you’ll quickly begin to notice that the possibilities to satisfy your taste buds are endless. Anywhere from vegan drinks to protein shakes marks the box. Your freshly squeezed or blended lemonades to stay refreshed. Cold-brew, energy drinks, or other coffee options to start off the day, or a dip n dots ice cream run during the night. This has become the new bar that Onit raises with its creativity and innovative ways that will impact more lives than other coffee spots.

Along with being the first mobile coffee truck, the first coffee place to provide delivery services, and host a varied selection of drinks, Onit also plans to spread its love to new locations with a dual-lane drive-thru location that is set to be open 24/7 as well as a dine-in location which are both estimated to launch early spring 2021. 

Onit has been on a roll with everything they do in the community which has been highlighted by Good Day Sacramento on three different occasions, 100.5 Radio, and the Sacramento Business Journal. On top of their features, they also have a five-star rating on yelp with close to 150 stars and have become the 3rd highest ranked coffee shop in Elk Grove.

As Shadi continues to amaze the city of Sacramento and impact the lives of many, we can also anticipate that Onit will change the way coffee spots operate and bring the game to a higher level. Onit Coffee has become the future and everyone is getting in line to see just how bright it is. With extended hours it will allow customers to come whenever they please to enjoy a favorite part of their day. Sacramento is known for supporting its people because if one of us makes it, we all make it. This has been a phrase I have used over and over again in articles, but when you come to Onit you come to support a minority-owned company with a diverse team of employees and a bigger and better future of drinks. Think twice where you get your coffee and never hesitate to stay and chill at the best spot in town.

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