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Johnson Bros Vol. 2

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: May 13, 2020

DJ Johnson

Johnson Bros Vol. 2

DJ Johnson has become an electric force on the defensive side of the ball for the Oregon Ducks but looks to flip the switch as he transfers to the tight end spot of the offensive game.

DJ was a big-time player at the University of Miami and chose the Hurricanes over many other big-name schools such as Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and even LSU. Coming out of Burbank high DJ became a well-known recruit in his class and began to receive top tier rankings against players across the country the same age as him. Coached by John Heffernan who currently coaches at Elk Grove High is known for having big-time players come from his teams. 

DJ comes in at 6’5 with muscle for a new face in the passing and blocking game for the Ducks. Johnson is looking to get more playing time from the passing side of the game with a new QB in the system as well as new coaching with Joe Moorhead. 

What kept you determined to play college football?

“I want to dominate everything that is put in front of me, I love proving myself on each level of football, it is my passion and I like to show that.”

DJ has become a big-time player with big-time plays in his resume that brings a lot of attention to his game. It’ll be exciting to see the plays he makes in the 2020 season as a tight end.

Who made the biggest influence in your career?

“My older brother PJ, I talk to him regularly about various decisions and look up to him.”

What is the hardest part about staying committed to a sport at the D1 level? 

“I don’t think it is, when you know what your “Why” is, it’s easy to stay committed.”

Do your brothers motivate you to be better in school and sports? How?

“Of course, we compete with each other as well as want to make each other proud. I love my brothers and want them to reach great heights.”

With a family as talented as the Johnson brothers, it is easy to understand and see the competition in their everyday lives that push each of them to great heights.

What mistakes do young football players make in the recruitment process?

“They get in their feelings too much about the recruitment process. They love to focus on the big-name schools when they should really just grind and pay attention to the schools that actually need them on their teams instead of the ones that want you so they don’t have to play against you.

DJ makes it a great point to help recruits realize that it’s not about the fame and glory if the team doesn’t need you. Find a team that is the perfect fit for you.

What advice would you give to younger football players?

“Dominate every area of your game, whether that’s on the field, at practice, in the weight room, in the classroom or just out and about. You have to work on your craft and give your best effort at everything you do. Dominate everything.”

DJ is one of the hard-working products of Sacramento that turned his dreams into a reality but isn’t done yet. Dominating everything has become the norm in the Johnson household and DJ looks to dominate his way to higher levels of football in the future.