• Paige LaRue

lessons on leaves

Within me,

I hold the seeds;

those are the ones intended to grow.

All around me

are the seasons,

bringing reminders

-with reason.

Through it all

stands tall,

a tree.

Attached to the ground

for what seems like forever,

though truthfully

this will never be.

Its branches,

swaying free

alongside leaves of green-

Truly a sight to be seen.

The wind picking up,

them now dancing


by the second.

Like an impatient child's knee,

bouncing off of the ground,

when encountering their

pet peeves.

The next morning;

what whispers were sang,

had been carried through

the window,

towards the moon shining,

to reveal

an unsettled heart.

That will make a home

out of a mind that is unsure,

Rest assured,

one thing I can promise you, I am,

-or at least long to be-

free as a bird.

Being confined by pain,

to live in some cage,

may suit others' day to day,

yet I have learned

my heart yearns

to explore.

To desire more,

Rather than fill my life with rage,

Rather than fill my life with flames;

What a sad reflection,

it is,

of the beast untamed.

I am adrift,

I know what this is,

But to feel as if I am losing a part of it,

We, not just me,

I know what this is.

I am adrift,

amongst those in the air,

the leaves of the trees caressing my hair,

birds become my companions,

revealing in song the truths of this,

Or what it can be for now,

A little piece of hope, here and there,

In the midst of searching for the true meaning

of pure bliss.


rest assured in the clouds.

For I spot pictures,

and colors floating around.

An inspiring heart,

causing me to see more,

to dream more,

than i ever knew how.

And I once held destruction in my palms,

-i pressed it to my cheek,

much longer than I should have,

As if it were ever something my heart would truly long for;

or genuinely seek.

As if it were ever truly mine to hold onto,

as if it were ever truly mine to keep.

But spring comes to remind,

The seeds that you sow,

are what you shall reap.

And though I once held destruction,

like it was a gift given to me,

my heart is built of lessons

The world yet to break its strings,

to remind me of what was

and what there is to be.

-never neglecting

the light that shines beyond gentle pain,

beyond soft rain;

to allow clarity

with sincerity.

To acknowledge what is good,

What is lovely,

-pure even.

And to leave it as it is.