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Lumberjack Matt

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: May 30, 2020

Matt Horne

Lumberjack Matt

Matt Horne was one of the many big threats in Elk Grove’s recent years as a bit of a threat on both sides of the ball.

Horne started his high school career as a dual-sport athlete as an outfielder in baseball and a utility in football. Going through his high school career it was easy to spot the quickness and athleticism in Horne at an early stage. Hunting down a fly ball and making a diving catch is what transitioned on the turf to punt returns and interceptions. 

Being a starter at the varsity level was what changed the game for Matty Ice in his path on the football field. As he grew apart from baseball he became more focused on his future in football and became one of the Herd’s biggest threats. From running in a touchdown to getting a pick-six; we got a glimpse of Horne’s abilities on bigger stages in college.

Matt Horne was one of the players that also had to deal with the transition from coach Nixon to coach Heffernan. Both coaches having a history of success and Heffernan even winning a section title in the 2019 season. 

What are some of the struggles of being recruited as a high school player?

“I believe one of the biggest struggles would have to be being patient and trusting the process. Another struggle would have to be making sure you’re on top of your schoolwork because if you don’t have the grades you won’t be able to go anywhere and trust me I had to learn the hard way. Also, another big struggle is keeping faith and belief in yourself.”

Are there any worries about your season being pushed back this year? What does it mean to you and the team?

“Definitely COVID 19 hitting us and all the athletes really hard and it's just crazy. We were supposed to report back to campus for training back in March but then everything got pushed back to June 1st and now they pushed it back and again and still have given no word on the new date. But as a team, our coaching staff have been keeping up with us very closely by zoom and text messaging.”

It’s definitely a tough break for a lot of athletes out there, but Matt Horne has been ready to go every day of the offseason.

Who had the biggest impact on your football career?

“There are quite a few people that had major impacts on my football career. For one it would have to be my parents, they all made the sacrifices for me to play the sport I love or anything I put my love into. Others would have to be my trainers and 7v7 team. Brandon Thompson of DB select really helped me find my technique and swagger of the game and I can't thank him more than to just do my job. Last but not least SHOUTOUT TO THEM MAFIA BOY’s and especially Coach T the living legacy of TMPMafia 7v7 team best in the NorCal. Coach T helped my recruitment out a lot by getting my name in the air to a lot of the college coaching staff which really put my name on the map!”

TMP has become one of the premier groups in Norcal as well as DB Select and definitely two programs that football players should strive to get on during the summer.

What is one of the hardest parts of being a student-athlete during the season?

“The hardest thing for me was staying mentally stable. Just the fact you have something to do at every single second of the day it’s really a lot. It’s really time-consuming and dedication behind all of this.”

What is the long-term goal for football?

“My long term goal for this game is to really make it to the NFL to put on for my people and city. I want to return a pick to the house for an NFL franchise and win a Super Bowl one day.”

As the summer approaches, we look forward to seeing Matt make his offseason a big one and to make even bigger plays for the Lumberjack as the season creeps up.