• Lalo Mata

Marcel's Interlude

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 15, 2020

Eric Marcel

Marcel’s Interlude 

Eric Marcel is a young rapper from the Sacramento area who looks to keep the snowball rolling in the start of his music career.

Eric has become more than what the word “rapper” means to both himself and his work. It’s been a canvas to a career with multiple tools to paint his picture and with a palette as diverse as his; it becomes very exciting to see his influence on people grow with each song.

The heartbreak kid of Sacramento comes from years of hard work and dedication through his teen years to start his career as a rapper with freestyles on social media, singles, albums and more. 

His latest release comes with a lineup of nine songs condensed into one album which became known as “I Quit”. Eric has turned more into a poet compared to a rapper because of the openness of his lyrics. As a poet, Eric separates himself from the rest of his peers for many reasons.

A meaningful quote from author William Sieghart reads “Don’t read the poem like you would read a newspaper or a novel. Read it almost like a prayer.” This quote is displayed in the power of reading work much like Eric's. 

It becomes more than words on a paper or typing letters on a screen for him. A way that makes you perform it to perfection that makes his music that much more meaningful.

An example of this is displayed in “Say You Do”, a song off of “I Quit.”, which lets us hear the versatility in his writing as we can feel the emotions of a deep story tied to lyrics that many people feel heavily.

When did you first find interest in becoming a musician?

“I found interest in becoming a musician when I first heard Drake’s “Take Care” album. That's the  first album I've ever bought, and that made me realize things at a young age. I didn’t really like the beats everyone else rapped over. I liked the beats Drake rapped over. the pianos, the instrumentation, but still being able to be real and talk about himself ? I wanted to make music like Drake growing up.”

An artist like Drake displays endless amounts of versatility in his musical production, his flows in rapping as well as his melodies in singing. Take Care is arguably his best piece with a skipless album from top to bottom with moods as low as “Marvin’s Room” to grooves like “Take Care” featuring Rihanna.

Is there an album or song that changed the way you hear music?

“Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. After I heard about Drake, I started going on Youtube and found my favorite Artist. Kanye West. And around that time, he dropped MBDTF, and I remember saying to myself that that’s who I wanted to be. Kanye. that created my interest for soul samples, and being able to just talk about yourself unapologetically.”

Kanye is another talented artist who is widely known for taking risks in his music with each album. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of his many great albums that people are reminiscent of when it comes to creativity in artists.  

What artist do you look up to and try to imitate?

“There’s two. Kanye West and Jay Z. It’s the foundation of me and my songwriting. It’s how I created the so-called “brand” of Eric Marcel. I try to create music as a student of it. I study music. I wish there was a guarantee that I could do music successfully for the rest of my life, just so i wouldn’t have to focus on anything else. And I wouldn’t have the style that I have, if it wasn’t for Kanye and Jay. So it’s only natural that I try to imitate them from time to time.”

What’s your long term goal in music?

“Want to be a person that people consider as one of the greats. I wanna be mentioned with Jay Z, Kendrick, Cole, Nas, Pac and Biggie, but more importantly, I want to be known as someone who touched the lives of many through my music. That’s the main goal.”

How do you usually write your songs?

“I write my music, weird. Never forced. It’s always just something spontaneous. I want my music to have a genuine feel. I want everyone to know I take pride in my music, writing it,  how it sounds. I know I want it to sound like I'm talking to you one on one. an intimate conversation. So it takes a while. I’m a perfectionist. I want to make sure that if I put something out that’s permanent, in 10 years I could look back and say “I was putting together great music at age 18.”

Eric wanting his music and words to be permanent is another example of how to read his music-like a prayer. His audience makes him want to deliver it with perfection and care with each line and bar.

What tip would you give to people barely starting in music?

“Make the music you want to. Music is subjective, it’s art. Express yourself however you can, and have fun.”

Music is a way for an artist to paint a picture with their words and tell a story with no pages. A form of art that is never finished and will continuously change as time goes on, but it’ll be exciting to see the prayers Eric sends our way in his music.


Soundcloud: Eric Marcel