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PAC 12 Jac

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Published: April 10, 2020

Sophie Jacquez

PAC 12 Jac

Sophie Jacquez, soon to be a freshman at the University of Utah, had an unplanned ending to a great high school career at Pleasant Grove with the Eagles.

Sophie Jacquez is an infielder for Universal Fastpitch and has also been named to the PGF network’s All-American watchlist in the Western region for the 2020 year. To add to this accomplishment she was also ranked 36th in the country for the Final class of 2020 Extra Elite 100 Rankings by Extra Inning Softball. 

As a senior, Sophie won’t be able to experience those senior moments of running on the field one last time with her team or working towards a playoff push. This is an experience that the class of 2020 spring athletes won’t get to look back on. As a sports community, we feel the heartbreak in our friends, family, and kids who were impacted by an unfortunate series of events, but bigger events are still yet to come for Sophie.

As she enters a conference filled with big time competition in the PAC-12, she looks to put the 916 on her back and display the show we sadly got to miss in the spring 2020 season. 

A league in the Delta makes the hitters work for their glory and with Sophie’s career batting average, we can tell how much of her dedication was shown. As a big softball name out of the Elk Grove area she also shows her hard work by training with names like Kelsey Hall at the Results training facility. 

In just 5 short games into her 2020 season with the Eagles, she was able to post a .421 batting average with 8 hits and 5 RBIs between that span. To add to what could’ve been a great season we sadly won’t be able to see Sophie play against the USA softball team.

What does it mean to you to not be able play against Team USA?

“When I first found out I was chosen to play against Team USA I was honored to be chosen and was really excited to play against my future coach, Hannah Flippen and all the other great USA players. I found out that the game was cancelled due to the Coronavirus and I was super sad because I knew it was going to be a great experience but I know that is the best decision for everybody’s safety.”

Sadly we don’t get to see that matchup between Sophie and Ally Carda who also played for Pleasant Grove and in the PAC 12. 

Do you still feel like you should be awarded your spring softball season?

“I was really looking forward to playing my senior season at Pleasant Grove and having senior night and playing with my teammates for one last time. Although I am sad that we can’t play, I just don’t think there would be any time to fit in the season once things get back to normal before summer and leaving for college.”

This is a situation that can alter a lot of athletes’ careers because of the recruiting process changes this summer. Kids on the verge of offers or to make their last statements before freshman year could be ruined due to the situations of this year.

What impact do you look to make as a future Utah Ute?

“When I get to Utah, I want to be an impact player as a freshman and I’ll do whatever it takes to help my team win the Pac 12 championship and the World Series. “

A Utah Ute team ending in a 14-4 season was looking strong in their conference and should look to make an even bigger push with Sophie.

What is the hardest part of the recruitment process?

“At first, it was getting college coaches to notice me, so I had to send emails, videos, go to camps and try to get them to come watch me play. It’s also stressful when they come watch because you want to play well and impress them. My travel ball team was filled with a bunch of great players that colleges were interested in so sometimes we would have 20 to 30 college coaches watching. Also after you visit schools and meet so many great coaches it becomes hard to decide which school you want to go to. I chose the University of Utah because I felt the most at home when I was there and I fell in love with the school and the coaches.”

Who helped you improve the most in your career?

“My dad and Martin Garcia or as we call him, ‘Coach P.’ My dad has always pushed me to be the best player I can be and taught me all I know about the game of softball. Coach P has been my head coach for the past 5 years and I really love playing for him. He has always talked about the importance of being a family on and off the field and he played a huge part in my college recruiting. Both my dad and Coach P have helped me reach my goal to play at the next level.”

Sophie’s father, Craig Jacquez, has been a role model and a motivator for her career and looks to do even more as she moves to college play.

What advice would you give to other softball recruits?

“I would tell them to play for a team that is going to make them better and definitely play for a coach who will do all they can to help them get recruited. Also, to always play their hardest because you never know who is watching.” 

A softball community that brings a lot of talent in both high school and travel ball can also bring the attention of college level recruiters.

A time of limits also means a time of getting better. Sophie gets more time to work on her game as she prepares to make a statement for the Utes and in the PAC 12 conference. As a part of a strong lineup in Female Athletes Week, the softball community is excited to see Kelsey Hall, Chloe Smith, and of course, Sophie Jacquez come back with more to prove in next year’s softball seasons.