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Quarantine Mixes

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 13, 2020

DJ Elements 

Quarantine Mixes 

Sacramento Kings’ DJ, DJ Elements has become a well known name around the northern california scene in clubs, festivals, and other events.

In 2016, the Kings decided to bring in Elements for their new arena in Downtown Sacramento. Golden One Center has been home to the younger looking Kings on a rebuild. A team with faces like Fox, Bogi, Bagley, and the hard to miss 3- point champion, Buddy Hield.

DJ Elements does a great job on representing the style of our city into his mixes during the Kings’ home games, Friday mornings for Fox40, and traffic jam mixes for 102.5 KSFM’s radio show.

Recently he has adapted to the hard times of staying home by displaying performances for people at home by going live on his social media accounts. He also allows viewers to listen to his music through his mixcloud account where he gives us endless hours of amazing mixes to get us through the day whether it's homework, working from home, or even working out. It’s a great playlist of songs to hype you up and continuously want to be upbeat.

What is it like being the Sacramento Kings DJ?

“It's truly a blessing. Being able to DJ at the games in front of such a large crowd is definitely nerve wracking at times but it is such an extremely fun experience. It is always such a great feeling to see everyone dancing to my music. “

Fans enjoy the talents that Elements displays every night for home games. Sacramento 

What is the process to becoming a well known DJ in the music industry?

“That's a great question, I would have to say it all comes down to consistency and hard work. I started in 2004 and have worked really hard since then. When you do something you love for a long time you have no other option then to excel in that category. So if you're wanting to be a successful DJ the key is NEVER give up no matter how hard things get.”

This is a great piece of advice from Elements. If you love what you do for your career then it’ll never feel like a job to you. This is a good way to create a job instead of finding one.

Where do you want to take your career?

“I would like to take djing to tours and Vegas one day!”

Is there a style of music that inspires you?

“EDM for sure it's so all over the board, with EDM I'm constantly surprised and inspired by  what I'm hearing.”

Are you inspired by other DJs? Who?

“Yes DJ AM was always my biggest inspiration (Rest in Peace). As well as Eddie Edul Sacramento legend of djing.”

DJ Elements is talented enough to be another Sacramento music legend and possibly beyond our city.

Is there an artist or album that changed the way you mix music?

“I would have to say just picking up bits and pieces from all different djs and turntablists are always showing me new techniques I can implement into my own mixing. Diplo, Dillion Francis and DJ snake are always big inspirations to me.”

These are all artists who have made it to huge music festivals and tours of their own. Sacramento Kings fans miss the chants at Golden One Center filled with excitement and miss the thrill of Slamson, the announcers, and of course DJ Elements. Make sure to tune in to his live performances all over his social media. 

Instagram: @djelements

Twitch: djelements

Facebook: djelements