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Written By: Gabby De la Rosa: (@eats.by.gabby)

Published: August 30th, 2020

Alex Blaise: @sacboyeats

Alex Blaise is a Sacramento food blogger who loves to travel, try new places, and discover all the amazing eats we have here in Sacramento. Alex Blaise, also known as, SacBoyEats on instagram, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but moved to Sacramento, where he continues to develop his love for food and documents it through pictures on his instagram.

Alex shares everything from his favorite restaurants in the Sacramento area to his love for Disney parks and all the eats they have to offer. Not only does Alex share the best eats of Sacramento with us, but he works hard to better our community and support students through their college experience. When he's not traveling or food blogging, he works as an Academic Counselor for first-generation students at Sacramento State.

SacBoyEats takes on the "hot-seat" :

(The goal behind the "hot-seat" is to say the first thing that comes to mind when asked 3 questions)

1. Tell me about yourself?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY which is a huge part of who I am today. That's really where my love for food & culture comes from! I grew up in a predominately Caribbean neighborhood so I always had access to some of the most flavorful foods right outside my doorstep. In my household though, my mom was always cooking some the best homemade Haitian food for me, my brother and two sisters. However while I was away at college at Boston University, I didn't have my mom's home cooked meals to rely on so it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and try new dishes. By the time I came back to New York, my palette was alive and ready to try everything that the city had to offer.

I also love traveling, seeing the world and making memories which is why I take pictures of everything! And of course that includes all the delicious foods I'm eating on my travels. Instagram gave me a good outlet to dump all of these photos.

I met my lovely wife back in New York while she was in grad school. She's a California native and told me that on our second date that if I wanted to keep seeing her, I would have to move back to California with her some day. A few years and two cats later, and we packed our bags and moved to Sacramento. 

2. Best meal you've had in the last month? 

Shake Shack!

Shake Shack just opened in Sac which I couldn't be happier about so I'll say Shack Burger with Cheese Fries and a Black & White Milkshake has been my best meal in the last month!

3.Are you a sweet or savory type of person?

I'm 100% a savory person. I rarely eat sweets. 

What inspired you to become a food blogger? What are your favorite parts about it?

I've always had a passion for food, travel and photography. Whenever I travel, the first thing I research is all the best places to eat. So of course, when my wife and I decided to move to Sacramento from Brooklyn, NY, one of the first things I looked up was "where are the best places to eat in Sac?" But once I started looking, I realized there were only a handful of accounts that were blogging about their local food experience. So I figured why not start my own and just have fun with it!. My favorite thing about food blogging is that it allows me to explore new places and connect with so many people through the love of food. I love helping people discover new places through my account. What are some of the best cities you've had food in?

Well I might be biased but New York City has to be number one on my list by far. Not only does it have some of the best restaurants and foods in the world but there's just so much of it. The diversity and depth is truly unmatched! As far as other cities, I would say New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco have pretty amazing foods as well!

Any dream destinations/cities you would like to visit regarding their food/food culture?

I've been fortunate to do a lot of traveling in my day but I recently went to Italy and that was a big one that was on my list and it did not disappoint. I haven't been to Portland yet and I hear their food scene is pretty dope. That's probably next on my list. 

What places are overlooked in Sacramento that not too many people know about?

There's a lot of food trucks and small pop ups in Sac that are great that probably don't get as much attention as other brick and mortar spots. Hautebird's chicken cone pop up is definitely one of my favorites that you should keep an eye out for.  What is your favorite meal in Sacramento? What is your favorite location?

  That's an easy one for me! My favorite meal is the fried chicken from South. Everything on their menu is pretty good but the fried chicken is my go-to!  My favorite location to eat at would be Hook & Ladder. Cool ambiance, great outdoor patio, and the food & cocktails never disappoint! 

Are there places you've always wanted to try but never been to?

Sure there's tons! I don't know how but I still haven't tried Gunther's Ice Cream which I know is a Sacramento staple. That one is on the top of my list along with so many others like Mulvaney's B&L and The Kitchen which are supposed to be the epitome of fine dining in Sac. 

Have you connected with other food bloggers in Sacramento? If so, who are your top 3 food bloggers you follow in Sac? 

Yes! I've been lucky enough to get invited to a couple of food events and restaurant previews where I've met other food bloggers which is always fun. I've actually made a few friends from these events which is nice when you move to a new city without knowing a ton of people. My top 3 that I follow would have to be @SacfoodandBooze, @TwoHungryBroads, and @EatswithMandy

Sac's Top 5's

If you could rank the top 5 best categories in Sac, what would they be?

It's tough to do a top 5 but two things that Sac does really well are Microbreweries and Coffee shops! Sac has so many microbreweries all over town from Track 7 to Urban Roots which I appreciate because I love drinking local. 

The same can be said for coffee shops too. There are so many great local coffee shops throughout Sac that all have their own unique vibe which I think is awesome. You have Temple, Camellia's, Milka, Old Soul and so many others that are good at providing your daily dose of caffeine when needed. 

If you could rank the top 5 best locations in Sacramento what would they be? This is tough because there's so many good ones but I'll say: 1. South 2. Hook & Ladder 3. Beast + Bounty 4. Kru 5. Bacon & Butter Honorable Mention: OneSpeed Pizza

If you could rank the top 5 best meals in Sacramento what would they be? 

1. Petey's Fried Chicken - South 2. The Sammich - Nash & Proper 3. Pangaea Burger - Pangaea Cafe    4. Breakfast Sandwich - Camellia's Coffee Roasters 5. Tonkontsu Ramen - Ramen House Tenjin

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