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Published: August 4, 2020

Bhakti Patel

SacTown Oomphabian

Bhakti Patel has strongly put herself at the top list of not only becoming a blogger in the Sacramento-area but also creating her own Sacramento based Indian clothing brand.

The degree in fashion design and technology doesn’t come close to expressing the hard-working passion behind Bhakti’s journey. Bhakti was born in Mumbai, India, and decided that she would pack her bags to move to Sacramento California where she would end up creating Oomphabian. This journey in becoming a lifestyle blogger started in 2015, but her culture has stuck with her throughout the whole adventure.

“Enthusiastic human being“ is how Bhakti describes the name of her brand.

Starting your own brand may be on the complicated side, but luckily Bhakti is a very business-minded woman who took traditions from India and was able to implement them into Oomphabian.

What aspects of your clothing brand are important to you and the customers? Why?

“Oomphabian pursues the application of a rational aesthetic which, when implemented, acts as a fusion of particular garment patterns, techniques, fun and the spirit of exploration. We have an unapologetic approach to design and to create pioneering bridal pieces, reflecting the moods and characters of the culture behind the brand and serving contemporary luxury. Oomphabian seeks to transcend the traditional connotations of a dress. Using cloth as our canvas we fuse with modern pattern cutting techniques and a nod to the traditional artisans with handcrafted embroidery. Personalization and luxury are set at the heart of the brand which brings us and the customers closer. In-vogue is something we stand by and always will hold on to. We have designs and silhouettes that are trendy and diverse. Our brand associates with the women in business. We love to interweave our designs with their stories so that we can be part of every memory”.

Who is your brand audience? What is your message to them?

“Our brand emphasis on the term ‘modern Indian’. Our audience is the self-made women, the women on the go, and modern women in business. Their determination, struggle, and focus inspire us to make hassle-free yet trendy ensembles along with bridal luxury. Our message will be ‘The world will always have something to say to put you down, but girlllll, you don’t lose focus and you do you!”

Bhakti does a great job of incorporating her passion for culture, lifestyle, and fashion to bring Sacramento and other cities a truly authentic brand that stands out in the crowd. One of the rarest brands from our area and a brand that continues to grow every single day.

What mistakes do beginning designers make? Why?

“I feel that every designer starts with the idea to make money out of the clothes or the collection. I strongly feel that they should narrate a story, perhaps of their process or garment or merely their being. This will set them apart and give them a head start in the competition and will also give great value to the customers. Also not focusing on the details often leads to failure. Creativity is important in the fashion business, but planning is equally if not more important. You might have a great idea for a fashion line, but, without focusing on the details of every aspect of your business, you might experience a lot of setbacks”.

Another great piece of knowledge for new entrepreneurs who want to start a clothing brand. Know that it’s a marathon and this long-distance run will require hours of passion and planning to produce products that people love. 

What advice would you give to beginning clothing brands?

“Find yourself and be yourself in the world full of copies. It’s okay to dream, but realize what you’re good at and really focus on that. Follow your sense of aesthetics and develop on that instead of jumping on that bandwagon. Don’t follow that trend due to the fear of missing out, rather stick with your sense of style which will help you make a mark in the future by creating a signature style”.

What was the hardest part about coming from India to Sacramento?

“Moving to another country is one of the most daunting things a person can do. And it is hard. Everything you know and recognize just changes in a heartbeat – the moment you step off that plane – and your world will shift on its axis to reveal a more intriguing, exciting side. I may not have fully understood the local culture or I might despair for familiar things back home – the weather, the environment, even the food – but I tried to welcome the differences around me, the new friendships, subtle variations in language, the way things are done and also how I’m able to react to these differences and grow as a person, appreciating the life I’m leading and the discoveries I’m making around me. This road wasn’t easy and I often would wonder if I might have been happier back in India but it’s not possible to rewind past encounters and I’m not one for regrets. But it eventually felt great, not something you understand until you experience it. Because I learned to chase my passions, discover opportunities, and find myself. I learned what makes me tick and build a lot of knowledge about myself and the surroundings that come from jumping into something feet first. I found who I truly am and what my desires are, my purpose, my strengths, even my weaknesses. This is the kind of knowledge that is golden as you move through your life”.

One of the interesting aspects of Bhakti is the big move in her life. Some people move across town, to another city, or state, but who do you know that moved over 8,000 miles away for a new life? The journey is truly amazing.

Do you want to use your platform to fight against social issues such as the ones going on?

“House of Oomphabian is a brand that has its own unique identity and hence, we understand how important it is to be a part of a community. We love to support the right causes and especially the one going on right now. Racism has been a part of this Western world and it needs to be eradicated. We have been using our social platforms to dedicate our space to spread awareness on the issues and doing our best to learn more each day”.

What is the long- term goal for your blog and clothing brand?

“Our goal is to give a luxury experience to the world of women with a mix of contemporary and traditional as we like to call it the ‘modern Indian’ wardrobe. In the foreseen future we plan to expand our brand through brick and mortar stores”.

Bhakti has brought a wonderful piece of India with her and gave Sacramento a place to embrace a lifestyle and culture which might not be so common in our area. You can also see the constant occurrences of aesthetically pleasing posts on Bhakti’s blog in regards to fashion, daily life, or even favorite coffee places. Oompabian is an exciting brand with a modern and luxury twist to its authenticity and SacTown’s Finest Media is excited to see the new heights it reaches in the future.

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