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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

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Published: May 21, 2020

Sasha Bonar

SacTown’s Sassy Blonde

Sasha Bonar is one of the go-to blogs for thousands of girls looking for her incredible fashion tips, travel guides, and her adventurous lifestyle. 

Sasha’s blog brings women from all corners of the country into what is seen as a place for inspiration and many planned adventures. She creates a place to expand your horizon in your closet as well as raise the mileage on your car because of all the places you’ll discover with Sasha.  

One of her most eye-popping destination guides was about some of the best almond blossoms in California where we can write down some of the best photo op places to go. To go with the amazing photo opportunities in the fields we can also read about her blog post of the most instagrammable places in San Francisco with luxurious streets, insane bridge pics, and of course, the breathtaking pictures riding the swing over a lookout.

Of course, you’re obviously going to need a few outfits for a photoshoot at these amazing places! Luckily for readers, we get a few fashion tips in her latest post about tie-dye sweaters. If you’re a college girl looking to spice up your social media feed then these few blog posts could give you lessons on how to make pictures more popping and feeds more pleasing with bright yet subtle colors. 

Who/what inspired you to start your blog?

“I was inspired to start a blog because I was lacking a creative outlet where I could fully express myself and since I’ve always had a love for social media and taking photos, I thought a blog would be perfect. I didn’t actually follow any bloggers or know of any in

particular when I started but I knew blogging was a thing and thought it might be something that I could enjoy! I was really inspired by the idea that I could share things that I love with people and hopefully find others with things in common to connect with. I had also recently moved to Sacramento and didn't have any friends here, so connecting

with like-minded people online was really exciting and fun for me.”

Are there other bloggers you look up to?

“There are so many bloggers that I look up to! It would be a very long list if I named them all, but a few that really stand out and inspire me are @daniaustin for her relatability and transparency, @oliviarink for her style and content Inso, and @sivanayla for her

sassy attitude and everyday life.”

What do you hope people get out of your website?

“I hope people feel inspired to follow their dreams, live their best life, go on adventures, and get out of their comfort zone every now and then. I also love being a resource for people whether it comes to where to go and stay in Lake Tahoe or what the best leggings are. I hope my audience feels like they can ask me anything and that I’m always here to help and/or give my advice. I hope they feel like I’m their friend. I also hope they feel like my Instagram/Blog is a place to come and feel welcomed, valued, and part of a community.”

Sasha definitely brings out the best in people such as sending people on new adventures, expanding their style in the closet, or just to wander in a place for more inspiration. 

What is the hardest part about maintaining posts?

“The hardest part for me about maintaining posts is lack of time. In addition to blogging I work a 9-5 as a social media manager. Therefore, my time to work on the blog is limited to evenings and weekends and that can be challenging at times. I would also say one of the “hardest” things is that my fiancé is my photographer and sometimes he really doesn’t want to spend his Saturday taking my photos lol.”

What mistakes do beginners make in their blogs?

“I think the biggest mistakes bloggers make in the beginning is buying followers and/or engagement. I don’t know anyone personally who has done this, nor have I ever done it, but I’ve heard horror stories. It sounds like a quick and easy way to grow a following, but in the end your audience and brands will be able to tell and it’s not worth risking. I would also steer away from engagement pods. If you’re unfamiliar, these are small groups of similar niche bloggers who send their new posts to each other to engage on, usually with a like and comment. I know from personal experience that this only hurts engagement in the long run and is not worth it. Genuine engagement is the best way to go, even if a post doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped.”

One of the best parts of being a blogger is getting to embrace yourself and receiving genuine engagement such as Sasha stated. Bloggers create an amazing community for each other and even sometimes try to start their community with engagements that aren’t supportive in the long run. Trust yourself and trust your work.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to beginning bloggers?

“My best advice would be to always be your genuine, authentic self. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers (followers, likes, comments, etc.) Be yourself and the engagement/audience will come. Also, engage! Engage not only with your audience but reach out to other bloggers you admire and connect with people who have similar interests and lift each other up. This is a community and it's so helpful to connect with people who share your passion. Try not to play the comparison game and compare what you're doing to anyone else. If you're being yourself, bringing value to your audience, and following your passion, the success will come.”

Being a blogger is one of the best ways to fully express yourself. You can bring new ideas to people for travel destinations, show them a new product that you love, and styles of clothes with tons of other lessons and tips. The Sassy Blonde has become one of the biggest bloggers in Sacramento and will have many more exciting ventures as a blogger in the future.