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Sactown Sirus

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Published: May 4, 2020

J Sirus

SacTown Sirus

Speaker-knocking and bass-thumping Sirus is fresh off his 10-track album “Nocturnal Hours”.

J Sirus is coming off of a good 2019 fall season of raps with his hit single “Classroom” with the bay area vibe beat by Producer James Delgado. A perfect combination of the power of production with multiple bars by Sirus to get him rolling for the 2020 takeover.

2020 came off with “APCH” a single with lines by Sirus and vocals by brandonvlad to give us those smooth late party feeling in a chill melody and wavy verses. A couple of months after the release of APCH came “Georgia Drive”, a single debuted on April 24th with a late car drive sensation of the slow beats and guitar of the song. Another great takeaway is the visuals on each of Sirus’ work which is truly on a different level of the album and single covers from the Sacramento/Norcal area. 

Nocturnal Hours starts off with a reckless and chilling vibe of an intro that gives you the feeling of not only to prepare to hear a story but to imagine visuals within the words. Limitless samples put into a gory sensation.  Track 2, “Stay Out the Village”, is a ranting song filled with truth in each bar, a chilling outro of vocals, and scattered with samples similar to the intro of the album. Track 5, “Everybody Goes”, begins with slow snaps and calming melody by brandonvlad with a painted picture behind each line of lyrics and overall a great slow song with an incredible outro as well. Nocturnal is a very well produced album with great vocals and rapping flows that truly sticks to its title, “Nocturnal Hours”, by giving a late-night jam, long car ride vibes of skipless music.

Sharing the stage with artists such as Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q, and Chance the Rapper has the young rapper ready to be the next one from this list of names to make it to the big stage.

Whatʼs the difference between making an album and making a song?

“It depends, sometimes Iʼm making a specific song for a specific album and other times I could make a song for fun or just to get an idea off. The difference is your end goal with the record. Which starts from the mind state you had when you were first creating it.”

Do you stick to a certain vibe in your songs? Why?

“To be honest, I try not to, but like I said sometimes Iʼll be working on a specific project that contains a storyline through the whole thing, which most of the time will lead you to keep the same vibe through certain areas of the project, but I definitely love to mix it up.”

In 2020, Sirus has definitely shown his palette of flows, melodies, and overall style of music with the diversity of his tracks. 

Is there a message that people should know in every song?

“Be honest with yourself and who gives a fuck what the world thinks.”

A message to other people to be yourself when making music because people will love the work and effort you put in only if you like it.

How much did your life experiences impact your music career?

“Not only did they impact it but they created my music career. Music gave me a real outlet to talk about my past experiences throughout my whole life. After recording those records they end up being my best.”

A common aspect of music is life experiences and Sirus shows a lot of passion in describing his world to others to enjoy. 

Are there artists that inspire your beats and lyrics? Who?

“I always have my ear to the game. We aim to be different from everything we do but still evolve with how the industry is moving. To sum up the question off top of my head the Coles, Kendrickʼs, etc. Every time they drop I instantly want to get in the studio and create.”

What is your favorite part about performing? Why?

“My favorite part at the moment is watching a random person evolve into a real fan in the 15-30 minutes of time Iʼm on stage.”

An influencer in music out of Sacramento and easily one of the household names from the 916 area. We will sit back and watch J Sirus blow up to become a bigger and better artist and sit with the predictions of Sirus being a top artist from not only Sacramento but California. Make sure to listen to his new album and new singles from the 2020 season.

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