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Published: April 20, 2020

Spencer Webb


Spencer is your neighborhood Moss Man at the Tight End spot at Oregon who looks to play a bigger role with star QB Justin Herbert going to the NFL. 

Coming off of a 12-2 record in the PAC-12, Spencer and his Ducks flipped the switch after having a 9-4 record the previous year. An Oregon Ducks team broke the top 10 rankings in the Nation only to be at the 6 spot behind Georgia.

Being a top team is nothing new for Spencer in his football career considering he’s the pride of Christian Brother’s football program who ended up in the Section Championship game his junior year. Spencer also had the help of another great QB, Tyler Vander Waal, who looks to make an impact in Idaho State’s football program next year.

Webb utilized a redshirt year in 2018 to get ready for what would be an outstanding 2019 season for both him and his team. As a redshirt- freshman for the Ducks, Webb was able to reel in 3 tugs with some big boy plays in the endzone in just 12 games. Spencer put himself in the spotlight as well as the city of 916 by making a jump ball TD grab against Auburn- a statement that he’s going to be a beast with a dog mentality for years to come.

Spencer can look to see a lot more play on the field in 2020 as he will be battling for playing time with two tight end seniors this upcoming fall. New faces will be coming into the starting roles on the field as well as coach Joe Moorhead, the team’s new offensive coordinator and the former head coach at Mississippi State and offensive coordinator at Penn State. With Herbert leaving for the draft, we can also look forward to seeing a new QB in Tyler Shough to send Spencer on a few house calls in the 2020 season.

What does it mean to represent Sac at a high level? What does it mean for the city?

“It means everything to represent Sacramento! 916 is home and I always want to represent. That’s why I have it tattooed down my shin! I always say I want the kids back home to see me and say, if he can do it then I can do it too.”

916 is a dog pound of talent that recruiters could have a field day of picking from. Sacramento produces some of the best talent in the college level.

What is the hardest part of getting recruited?

“The hardest part of getting recruited is actually getting recruited and what I mean is that once you have offers and looks from schools, it’’s easy. Just gotta be patient and TRUST THE PROCESS! Everyone’s journey is different so believe in yourself!”

How do you want to influence the younger generation of football players?

“I want to be a role model! I try and talk to every kid and motivate them and let them know that they can be anything they want in life. Not just a football player! I always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. So I want kids to dream big!”

Webb is the type of kid you want representing your football program. Whether it’s working in the gym, giving you top 10 plays, or even inspiring the next generation of players to follow their dreams, Webb has the heart and the talent to make an impact. 

What separates Oregon’s football program from other schools?

”The culture! Culture never sleeps at Oregon! I love it!”

Fans of Oregon Ducks football had quite the experience in 2019 as they got to watch their Ducks put on a show for the whole nation to watch.

Who helped you improve the most in your career?

“My brother! My brother made me the athlete I am today! Other people helped but I couldn’t have been here without my big bro!”

What advice would you give to younger athletes trying to go to college?

“Work hard and dream big!”

Sacramento football fans are excited as Spencer Webb grinds in the offseason and gets ready for this fall. Spidey Webb is a big time player who makes big time plays and the Moss Man of 916 looks to put on a show for Sac, Oregon, and all over the country as the Ducks try to make another run for the national championship next season.