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Tee's Roses

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Published: May 6, 2020

Aye Tee

Tee’s Roses

Smooth tune Aye Tee is coming off of his new release with “Broken Roses” in early April with a summer worth of time to build on his hype in 2020.

Aye Tee has been releasing music heavily in 2020 for summer bangers and smooth sounding grooves with a mixture of a variety of flows and melodies with any type of production. 

Giving us these slow-swaying songs can give us a sense of old school music in the genre of hip hop. 

One of his biggest songs, “Sushi”, is the perfect example of the diversity in his music. The ultimate summer song, party banger, or the lyric screaming song in a car ride. Switching his flows and melodies is one of his greatest talents that also separates his music from others. Sushi has contributed to the big rise of Aye Tee which has brought him to thousands of monthly listeners. 

Another great song to listen to is the slow snapping rhythm of “Sing Along”. The slow tempo about loving someone that makes you do exactly what the title says and another example of melody changes in his arsenal of talents.

What inspires you to make your music?

“I’ve always been inspired to make music since I was a child. I have always loved the creative process. I engineer all of my stuff. I produce, I make beats...I try and have my hand in the creative process as much as possible. There’s something beautiful about being able to take an idea and bring it to life via your voice and some production. “

An incredible talent of his to be able to display his thoughts and visions for thousands of people to be a part of in Sacramento and more.

Is there a style you try sticking to in your music?

“ As of late, I’ve been sticking to this more melodic, vibe type of sound. It’s really easy on the ears. But I don’t sacrifice my metaphorical abilities and clever lines. I still keep those embedded in each verse as much as possible.”

A great sound of Aye Tee’s palette of melodies is the upbeat but chill vibes mixed with a dancing beat. 

Is there an artist that inspires what you make?

“I’ve always been a Wiz, Kid Cudi, Drake, J Cole, Kid Ink fan. Amongst others. My sound was heavily influenced by them when I started. But over the years I’ve developed my own sound and my own lane.”

When did you decide to take music seriously?

“Back in 2010. It’s been 10 years. And there are some pretty awesome opportunities on the horizon, but I’ll elaborate more on them as they continue to develop here in the near future.”

A bright future is to come for Tee as he continues to drop more music throughout the 2020 campaign.

What’s the hardest part of becoming “big” in music?

“Breaking through and setting yourself apart from what everyone is accustomed to, but once you get there and your vision is seen and begins to be understood, then that’s when great things can start to happen.”

Where do you see your career in the future?

“I see myself being involved in the music industry for many years to come. As an artist, engineer, producer, performer. As long as I have a passion for this art form, I’ll continue to create and create.”

As summer 2020 approaches we can anticipate the drop of more amazing music from Aye Tee. Sacramento should be very excited after building off the hype of Broken Roses. As the artist has been recognized by people in SacNews&Review for being a top musician from our area we will appreciate the confidence in Aye Tee to be a top musician on the bigger stage in the future.

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