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SacTown Barnacles

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: March 23, 2020

The Bad Barnacles 

SacTown Barnacles 

The new indie band based out of Sacramento recently takes home two Sammies awards after being nominated for three in 2020. The Bad Barnacles made a statement in 2019 by releasing an album added with the single “Don’t You Bite”.

SacNews and Review recognizes the band as they were nominated for Live Performer, New Artist, and Indie in this year’s 2020 Sammies. They bring in Live Performer and Indie as the winner and fall short of New Artist to Amber Delarosa. 

Their 2019 album, “Rising”, gives you an old 50’s-60’s feeling when listening to their soothing, yet rock styled songs. If you’re into The Growlers and the 60’s band, The Doors, then you’ll enjoy the vibe that the Barnacles give you.

From performing to bars and restaurants, the Barnacles give you quite the performance. From their calming vocals and deep lyrics to the production of the band, they create the qualities people love. 

During the current circumstances from the pandemic of COVID-19, you can find the Barnacles giving performances on an Instagram live stream, “Barnacle Broadcasting,” on a nightly basis at 8pm. They have also released a new song called “Strong River” during their tiny desk concert.

“Strong River” is a foot tapping, rhythmic song that you can dance to. The Bad Barnacles have exciting plans for 2020 as they look forward to having more time to write and record. 

What inspired your band to start making music?

“Our drummer was making rap albums with his buddies and one day we decided to hijack his recording equipment and make music for old people.”

A song like “Movin’ On,” off their “Rising” album, gives listeners a mood of closed eyes and head swaying to the strum of the guitar. A tale of love and leaving people behind is a song we can all relate to in every age group. It’s great to listen to in a calm setting while maybe getting work done or choosing to play on a chill drive; it’s a song for the older generation to be nostalgic about and for the younger generation to relate to right now.  

Another song people can groove to is “Beneath the Waves”. That arms-hanging-out-the- window feeling from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is the same mood in this song. That ocean vibe is what California is reminiscent of in older bands and singers- fortunately, you can always find this in the Barnacles’ music.

What is your favorite part about writing a good song?

“That a song is never finished.”

What is the process of writing a good song?

“You don’t know it’s good until the rest of the band finally starts to groove with it. Otherwise it’s just another song.”

This is significant in the song making process for anyone willing to start a music career. A great band makes great music for people when they enjoy what they do. Advice for musicians everywhere is to love the music you make.  

What advice would you give to people starting a band or music career?

“Record everything. Every time you jam. Every time you think up a riff or hum a melody or think of lyrical gold. Don’t let things slip away. Those recordings will become the foundation of your songwriting career.”

This is a great lesson to not only bands, but everyone. If you jam out to sounds and melodies in your head, then chances are people will enjoy those sounds and melodies too.

Do you plan on touring?

“We were planning a short tour this summer, but COVID-19 might have other plans.”

Due to the pandemic, these calming, hip-swaying songs will have to wait to be performed until venues open up again. Don’t snooze on your opportunities to listen to them on stage.

What is the long-term goal for the Barnacles?

“We would love to make this our full time job, whether that means long tours, making sacrifices or selling our souls at the crossroads, like Robert Johnson did.”

Their summer tour is unfortunately put on hold, but don’t forget to check their nightly performances on their Instagram at 8pm @thebadbarnacles. 

For a city full of nostalgic people in older generations and old-styled teens wanting indie-style music, the Bad Barnacles should be the front runner in your next search for new music.