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The Positive Life of Kimberly Cobb

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: May 19, 2020

Kimberly Cobb

The Positive life of Kimberly Cobb

Kimberly Cobb has built herself into becoming one of the major influencers from Sacramento through her amazing blog, giveaways, and her impact on the lives of many.

Kimberly brings a lot to the table when it comes to her influence on readers through her website. Kimberly is truly one of the amazing people that make Sacramento great, whether it’s finding a new fit for your everyday clothing style or even finding more confidence in yourself through her body positivity. To add to the impact of her words and wisdom in Sacramento she also founded a sorority at San Diego State University while graduating with honors. San Diego has been a landmark of beauty for people on Norcal to travel to, but not as beautiful as living in Australia and New Zealand where she once lived before coming back to her hometown in the 916. 

One of the major attractions through your navigation of the site is her shopping page. A place to find her Instagram looks, her favorite amazon finds, and more. her helpful part of her blog is the beauty and style side of her site where you can learn about skincare, hair, and makeup with a side of fashion and home decor.

All of the positive influence that Kimberly brings to her site led to the opportunities of working with companies like Pink and Neutrogena to add to a resume of success.

Who/what inspired you to start the blog?

“I have always had a passion for photography, travel, + philanthropy. I studied Hospitality + Tourism Management at San Diego State University and after graduating, wanted to find a career that I could apply all of these passions. I worked a regular 9-5 job for a few years and quickly found that it wasn’t the lifestyle or profession I wanted for myself. This realization inspired me to pursue a serious blogging career where I could explore my passions through a creative outlet while also helping others.”

How do you want to influence people through your blogs?

“My hope is that people reading my blogs and/or following me on Instagram find my posts helpful and relatable to their own lives! I want to be a “virtual” friend that they can always count on for the advice, tips, and latest trends. Ideally, people will be inspired to be the best versions of themselves by following along in my blogging journey.”

Kimberly has become an outlet for many people who look to be inspired by her daily content. She has also become one of the many great teachers to women beyond Sacramento.

What is the hardest part about maintaining posts?

“The hardest part about maintaining posts would have to be time management. What many people may not know is that hours and hours of time go into creating a single piece of content. And as a full-time blogger, you should be getting at least one post a day up. 

You spend time researching unique photoshoot locations, traveling to and from these locations, planning outfits to wear and creative props to use, and making sure that you have a “photographer” (could just be a friend or family member!) who is available when you are. You also need the correct editing apps and editing knowledge (which I teach!) to make your feed look cohesive and on-brand. Getting that perfect shot is a lot harder than it looks!”

What mistakes do beginners make in their blogs?

“When many bloggers first start out, their initial goal is to make money! I totally support this; however, when you are starting out your main focus should instead be finding your niche and identifying your brand. Paid partnerships and collaborations with companies come to bloggers who have a strong understanding of who they are and who have a strong presence in their niche. Don’t focus so much on making money. Instead, focus on putting your passion out there for the world to see! Your followers will love your authenticity and the earnings will come naturally with your growth.”

This lesson is what brought her to her list of collaborations with many clothing and beauty brands in her blogging career.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to beginning bloggers?

“I would advise beginning bloggers to only post quality content that is true to their personal brand. They may feel “pressured” to post every day in order to grow, but I don’t suggest doing so. Until they feel confident in their posting abilities,  they should only share content that they’d want to remain permanent on their feed.

In addition, I’d also suggest every beginning blogger to invest in a good preset pack. In a nutshell, a preset is a pre-made combination of filters + lighting adjustments that they can apply to their pictures in just one click. Presets had a professional look at your pictures and add cohesion to your feed without having to do all the hard work and learning in Photoshop.”

 My Preset Packs (that come with a free editing tutorial!) can be found here: www.sellfy.com/kimberlycobb

What are the best parts of being able to influence others?

“Being a blogger has been very rewarding. One of the best parts has been being able to help others that I would never have the chance to meet in the “real world.” I get DMs every day from women around the world asking for advice about how to start their own blogs, body positivity, travel itineraries, outfit questions, etc. I love being able to connect with them on a deeper level and answer their questions! It warms my heart to know that I have any “influence” in helping them achieve their goals and live their best lives.”

Kimberly has had an amazing journey in impacting the lives of thousands of others every day through her daily positivity. She is one of the talented sparks in Sacramento that make this place great and her blog is a pure example of what it means to be an extraordinary influence.