• Paige LaRue

thoughts on a jump rope

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

My tongue becomes tangled

And i am not sorry.

A fragile face once cut my palms

And watched me

Watch them bleed

And that has nothing to do with anyone

But me.

As I step into a stride


My steps

I think they carry grace,

Though how does another broken heart see beyond my face.

While the light connects from one corner of your eye,

To the other.

Like the stars in a night sky 

Breaking through the surge of sadness,

Or the heat breaking through winter

When time comes for May. 

They spill secrets slowly,

For those who care to listen only,

And so when I say I don’t need you

Please open your heart to connect it with your mind to understand that;

Does not mean I won't bleed for you.

When my eyes land on you,

Past your charms and dreams 

Everything that is waiting to burst through the seams

Looks similar to me.

But beating for the same reason it always has,

So I’ll ask,

Do you love you 

And i mean like love you

Do you listen to you like a night scene cafe listens to jazz, 

Leaning in on the soft beat

For a little bit of stability,

To truly be moved by the bold tunes,

Our bodies connected to mind and spirit,

Somehow just know how to move.

Two minds up in space,

Yet when I look at you,

Time does not exist.

So how did this happen to become 



Slowing down 

Or speeding up as

I throw a penny into a fountain

And wish for enlightenment,

I wish you the best


There is a tormenting sound echoing from inside of my chest 

There is a fight within it,

My heart

Is solely set on the motion of

That coin entering without hesitancy,

But what they never tell us is 

to listen closely in on what the world whips around while the stars in our eyes are set on the clouds 

that rain down 

On self doubt wreaking havoc,

Our dreams coming true,

Hidden in shades of blue

But sometimes only the heart and wish remain true,

While other echoes within other chests are pounding to be heard.

I promise I heard you.

I promise to hear you.

And I will keep on,

Singing my own optimistic song

That allows melancholy to tag along.