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Time to Run

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Published: August 18, 2020

Bad Mother Nature

Time to Run

Bad Mother Nature is coming into this week with another powerful single in "Time to Run" which is set to release on Friday, August 21st.

The band is built around their four-piece team including Axel Ahrens, Corey Allred, Ryan Allred, and John McCann who all bring a sense of diversity to the band and its sound.

The rock band from Sacramento has become known for its 70s rock sound and mixture of modern music by being compared to bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple while also adding their own taste of new sound.

They opened their year up with their first single of many in "Follyman" which is a headbanging song that makes you wish you could go back to the times of watching live performances at Ace of Spades. When you dig deeper into their discography you can listen to their second single, "Let me Die Easily", that wants you to scream lyrics at a music festival with the intro instrumentals of a piano, bass, and guitar followed by the screeching lyrics for a perfect 1960s-1970s vibe.

Bad Mother Nature kept the dice rolling with their most recent release in "Loch Leven". A 4-minute song with a late-night drive home feels to it. One of those finger-tapping on the steering wheel while singing along kind of rides. A more calming song compared to previous singles throughout the year, but easily a fan favorite to fall in love with the second you hear the song. This song will easily make it into many playlists for the rock band and folk genre lovers out there and maybe even a country fan.

WIth the big first three releases of the year, Bad Mother Nature decided it was only time to let "Time to Run" be the cleanup song leading up to their new album going into the fall. Time to Run will definitely grab the ears of fans from many genres such as rock, country, and upbeat folk. A very well anticipated single in this one and a very exciting song that captures the feeling of its title. When hearing the title you get a sense of rushing adrenaline and fast-paced movements which is exactly what you get from this song.

What vibe do you want your audience to feel in your music? 

“That’s a tough question. On one hand, we’re a rock band that wants the music to melt your face, but on the other, we try to tackle more complicated themes in our songs that we want our audience to listen critically to. Whether that means the song is melancholy and thoughtful, or upbeat and optimistic, we want the listeners to connect in a personal way. We like to think our sound is always evolving, but our mindset and our themes really haven’t changed since we started.” 

Bad Mother Nature easily brings a lot of diversity to their music which reels in fans from all sorts of genres. Bad Mother Nature definitely brings a genre-bending side to them.

Who is your audience? Why?

“There’s a rock resurgence in the air that we’re definitely trying to tap into. It seems like a lot of people are craving something beyond the stagnant radio pop that studios still think everybody needs. And there are definitely people who will say that rock came and went - that it had its time in the sun - but there are still a lot of unturned stones in the genre that we’re looking to find. At the end of the day, we’re going to strive to reach the widest audience we can, but classic rock runs in our blood, so our music is definitely going to appeal to people who yearn for that sound as much as we do. We try our best to make music that we ourselves would enjoy listening to, so hopefully, other folks dig it as well.”

What started the band’s journey and what goals do you guys have in the future? 

“To be brief, Axel and Corey originally met in film school at Sac State. After graduating they pursued short film projects for a couple of years but concluded that their shared love of music provided a more attractive career path. Ryan (Corey’s brother) joined the band after he graduated from college, and Jonny followed soon after. Our overall goals are to create a legacy of music that we are proud of, that will outlive us, and maybe help inspire the next generation of musicians someday. We want to feel like we contributed something.”

Will you guys follow this year's singles with any albums? If not then when?

“Absolutely. We recorded an entire album during quarantine that we were initially planning on dropping during the summer, but with COVID continuing to prevent shows we decided to trickle out some singles and push the album to later in the year. We’re aiming for a Fall release as of right now, but 2020 likes throwing curveballs so we’ll see where we’re at in a couple of months. This will be our second full-length album after “Porcelain Martyr”, which we released in February 2019.”

Porcelain Martyr was made up of 7 songs put into the span of 40 minutes with a song even lasting in 18 minutes in length to end their album. Fan favorites of the album come from "Hand of Mercy" and "Old Soul" which are very chilled down tracks that should be performed on the water at Swabbies in the future.

What sparks the writing process and what steps do you make in writing a song?

“Literally anything can spark an idea. We generally like to write on topics with a bit of depth, or conceptual themes. Addiction. Religion. Politics. Wealth. Loss. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever written a love song in the traditional sense. Not because we don’t want to, but the world certainly isn’t hurting for more of those. On our last album, there’s an 18-minute long track called “Once a Dark and Lonely Night” that explores a nightmare from start to finish. It’s very Pink Floyd inspired in its execution, but not all of our songs follow that same style. As far as the writing process goes, Axel and Ryan generally bring something they’ve written to the table. We’ll jam on it and work it out, and it will either make the cut or it won’t. It’s a pretty democratic undertaking in that sense.”

Are there bands that you have been compared to or try to sound like? Who and why?

“We’re a four-piece band that alternates between two lead singers and two lead guitarists, so our sound can vary. One review of our first single compared us to Deep Purple, and on another song, we were compared to Fleetwood Mac. We’re definitely inspired by the 70’s rock titans so a good deal of our sound draws its roots from them. But we like a lot of modern stuff as well, ranging from Hip Hop to Punk. Our goal is to create a sound that’s unique to us, and this new album is another step in that direction.”

What advice would you give to younger people who want to start a band?

“Get used to hearing ‘No’ a lot. Don’t take it personally. Music is a business like anything else, and nobody cares about your music as much as you do. And don’t show up late to gigs. Don’t be that band.”

Bad Mother Nature has been role models to bands from the 916 area and has proven to be an upcoming band from their performances all over the state and future projects in the making. This is a band that will undoubtedly make your playlists for vibes such as late-night drives, chill nights, and wanting to turn up with your friends. Bad Mother Nature will shock many people in the future. Don't forget to tune into their new single, "Time to Run", this Friday, August 21st.

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