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Traits of Asia

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Published: May 9, 2020

Asia Mone’T

Traits of Asia

Asia Mone”t has become one of the true old 2000s R&B sounds to come out of Sacramento with her new single “Promised”.

Asia released the premiere song of her EP, “Traits of a Narcissist”, in Promised which features the slow build-up of humming mixed with Erykah Badu style beats to bring a nostalgic of R&B music from the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Traits of a Narcissist will be a beginning to end story told from the perspective of Asia with a feeling that some people can relate to in past relationships or even relate to right now. An album to hear your unspoken emotions in the form of singing from a person who has walked that trail before. 

“Promised” gives you the band-aid scar of a song into 4 minutes. Sometimes people get hurt to the point where it’ll always stick with them, but Asia has used that pain to turn it into something beautiful with slow melodies, soothing humming, and the excitement for what’s to come in later projects.

What is the inspiration in your upcoming EP, “Traits of a Narcissist”?

“A few years back I was in a SUPER toxic relationship with someone that literally had textbook definition of narcissism. We were together for about 3 years and he always felt like everything was my fault. He was never wrong and he flipped every insecurity that I got from him back on me. He was so egotistical and instead of turning the nourishment that I brought to the relationship into healing, he threw it back in my face, and here I am now telling the world about it.”

What vibe of music do you want to give people? Why?

“I want to bring back the realness that R&B & Neo-Soul vibes that literally tell you stories from beginning to end. The serious drought that we have in soul healing, real nourishing music is tragic honestly, and I know that I have a lot to say adding on with my soulful voice so if I can continue to pump that real writing and real feelings being poured into my music, I’ll do it, and I’ll do it forever.”

Is there a story behind your single “Promised”?

“The story behind my new single “Promised” brings us back to the relationship, but the beginning of it. Obviously when I first met him he was an outlet to my broken home. I can admit I was damaged, but I was a damaged person that for some reason was able to heal others instead of myself. "Promised" is telling you about how this broken person was able to open her heart up to a man that "Promised" over and over again to be the person to "keep her unafraid when she's with him,” he tells her over & over again to give him a try but at the end, he broke all his promises that's why I say in the outro "you promised me, you said Promised". Don't worry, all the promises he broke and the ways that he treated me will be in the EP from literally the beginning to the end.”

Pain always heals in a beautiful way when it’s put into the form of music and for Asia’s products of the pain, we can all agree that she has made songs into beautiful heartbreaks.

What artists inspire your music? Why?

“Growing up I listened to all the real music that had real meaning to it. My mom made me listen to Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Mary J Blidge, Nina Simone, SWV, Lauryn Hill, my favorite of all time India Arie the list can literally go on and on all day but those men & women impacted my life so much and I never really realized until I got older because they still to this day give me an outlet to be able to express myself, think about how much deeper I can into a song with my stories and I’m thankful that I had icons in music like them.”

Is there a specific audience you write for? What is the message?

“I wouldn’t say I have a specific audience that I write for because my music is for everyone. Any person who has been through a heartbreak, or anyone that can use an outlet like my music to be like “damn I relate to her & I understand her pain” but I would say that I have a message, and that message is to literally unapologetically be yourself. Understand all your flaws, embrace all your curves, and listen to good music lol.” 

An important message to know is to be your true self in whatever it is you’re doing in your life. Whether it’s a relationship or loving yourself; to always be true to yourself.

Is there a long term goal in music?

“There is definitely a long term goal in music. I’ve been doing this for such a long time and I’m starting to see a lot of my work paying off. I am just at the beginning with actually putting myself out there for the world to see but I see in the future a few grammy’s coming my way! I’m manifesting it!”

As the summer season approaches, we can expect the sunset car drives to these old R&B vibes or even the late nights staying in the room while swaying your head to Asia’s lyrics. An exciting time for Asia is getting ready to release “Traits of a Narcissist”, but for us we become lucky enough to hear the beauty in the pain.

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