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Women Empowering Women

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Written By: Lalo Mata                                                                                                       

Published: April 5, 2020

Kayleigh Jae

Women Empowering Women

Kayleigh has become a social media influencer who impacts women on a much larger scale than people realize.

Whether it’s motivation to workout or even motivation to start something new, her goal is to make women believe the impossibility of their own dreams can be their own reality.  

Kayleigh is known for her fitness influence which created the majority of her following, but as she grew a bigger following in social media, she also started getting opportunities to model for fitness brands, supplement lines, and professional photographers.

Women who search for knowledge concerning healthy habits should invest their time into “Women Empowering Women”, a place to be their best self in a crowd of women who are on the same mission with similar goals and ambitions. It takes a community to bring the best out of individuals with the help of motivation and commitment brought by this powerful organization.

What’s the purpose of Women Empowering Women?

“Ever since I was a little girl, I always envisioned creating events/opportunities to bring people together to lift them up and empower them. As I got older, that vision started to become much more clear to me. I have lived the fitness life my entire life, but at 19 I got into body building and that’s when my vision started to become clearer that I wanted to create a community for women specially that is uplifting and empowering. Then over the course of the last 6 years, now being 25... I have experienced a lot and learned so much during that time, which has made my mission and focus for Women Empowering Women - Mental health, Physical Health, and Financial Wealth. Helping women become better in every way possible. I started the company with a few events in my city, but always had a much bigger goal.. impacting thousands of lives globally. With that being said , Women Empowering Women will be launching as an online global platform coming fall of 2020!”

This movement impacts all ages of women in Sacramento who look to join Kayleigh and a powerful team of teachers and influencers. An investment in yourself to better yourself is what makes a great experience in Women Empowering Women.

Is fitness a big part of your life? Why?

“Yes fitness has always been the biggest component of my life! I was raised with a father who was a coach my whole life and my mom who was an athlete and aerobics instructor! I was raised to know that health is wealth and that it should always be #1 priority. From what you feed your body, to how you move your body and how you treat your body. Fitness not only is for physical health but more mental. I was taught by my father that physical health is a stem from mental health, and the way you treat your mind will be a reflection of everything in your life. Which has always made it a major focus for me. Also, when you spend so much time and energy physically achieving something, that no one can give you, besides yourself putting in that much time and energy.. there is no other accomplishing feeling like it.”

Fitness is important for many reasons. Sometimes people get into fitness for the wrong reasons which could be working towards a “dream body”, but most of it is your mentality. Staying fit and in shape could help you mentally just as much as it does physically. People should learn to train the strength of their mentality as much as their physical strength. 

How did you grow such a big social media following?

“My social media presence started to grow when I got heavy into fitness and started to rep certain Fitness clothing brands and supplement lines, my following started to grow. I started shooting with big named photographers that helped my following grow as well, and then once I started to get into different industries such as investing , network marketing , business , entrepreneurship , my following up escalating from there, and now I have a mix of business, fitness, fashion, etc. In my network!”

How would you like to influence women in your community?

“I’ll try to not make this answer too long but my biggest goal is to influence them to truly embrace their INDIVIDUALITY. To love every piece about them that makes them, THEM! To forever chase what sets their soul on fire, and to never shy away from continuing to LEARN,  GROW, and EXPAND to be the best they can possibly be! “

“The reason I invest so much time and energy into being as diverse as I can be, is so I can give as much value and influence as I possibly can, through my platform I have built!”

A huge part in our community is the people who step up to make it better. There is close to nothing like what Kayleigh and her team are pushing to do on the larger scale. A powerful message by powerful women in Sacramento. 

Does fitness play a big part in your organization?

“Absolutely Fitness plays a major role because Fitness = workouts, nutrition, mindset, dedication, work ethic, etc. So absolutely Fitness will probably play one of the largest rolls in my organization.”

What are a few of your goals moving forward in your career?

“A few of my goals is I want to continue to grow and learn as much as I can and build one of the biggest women’s motivational/ value-based platforms the world has yet to see. I want to continue to grow my network and meet as many amazing influential individuals that I can that are out there. I want to start to finally get my voice out there so people don’t just visually see me but they get to hear me, get to know my heart, my soul, my purpose, and get to actually connect with who I am and why I do what I do. Then, most of all.. to just continue to impact people with the most uplifting and positive influence I possibly can.”

Sacramento is filled with people who support others like Kayleigh and her influence. It’s exciting to be a part of the beginning of her journey as she looks to not only impact a community of women but of the world.