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Lalo Mata

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"I am the creator of SacTown's Finest Media. I am a college student who promotes young influencers in Sacramento and other cities. Writing is a passion of mine and I love to use it to bring positivity to others while writing about things I enjoy. Reach out to me at any time about an article or joining SacTown's Finest Media!"

Blog Writer

Gabby De la rosa

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"Hi, my name is Gabby De la Rosa. I am a lifestyle blogger with a majority of my focus on food and fitness. I love to spread positivity and create healthy, yet delicious, alternatives to some of my favorite treats. I range all the way from spreading fitness inspiration to sharing my fashion favorites of the week. I look forward to continuing my journey and can't wait for you guys to find the best version of yourself along with me!"

Graphic Designer

Ishmael Burton

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"How’s it going my name is Ishmael Burton. I am a college student with a major focus in graphic design. As a full time student I enjoy education while being able to express myself through art and fashion. Personally, art work and fashion trends are two things that inspire me to be the best creator I can be."

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